Football Betting in India

Looking for Indian football betting sites? Lucky for you. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about betting on football. We list the best football betting sites accepting Indian Rupees, welcome bonuses and free bets. This guide will also arm you with football betting strategies.

In India, football is the second most popular sport, coming after cricket. To this point, football lovers in India range from 125 million to 180 million. This rising popularity of football has drawn extensive investments from global football giants (Barcelona FC, etc.) into Indian grassroots football.

Football has earned high-scale popularity in the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya. It is also popular in Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

The All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) has the duty of regulating all association football activities in India. AIFF has, in no small quantum, taken measures to the uplift of football in India and its acceptance by Indians.

Best Football Betting Sites in India

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Football Betting India

How to Bet on Football Online From India

From my knowledge of online betting, football is one of the top three most common sports wagered on at betting sites worldwide. It’s even more common than cricket betting. This means that you do not have to go through hell, finding an online football betting site.

Almost all betting sites offer football betting. What’s even more exciting is that a lot of India-available betting sites offer football in Indian rupees. 

Betting in Indian rupees eliminates the stress and cost of converting to a foreign currency first, before proceeding to bet. 

While you will find the possibility of betting on International leagues and tournaments, such as English Premier League, La Liga, Uefa Champions League and even the FIFA World Cup. It can be difficult to find betting sites that offer betting on Indian Super league. Luckily betting sites such as 10CRIC and Pure Win offer this.

The following steps will help you bet on football online anywhere in India:

  1. Choose a betting site: In selecting a betting site, you have to find out the features of all the available betting sites. You are advised to focus on such features as sign up sports bonuses, odds, availability of multiple betting markets, payout rate, etc. These features provide spice to your betting and help you cash out winnings effectively. You can find Indian football betting sites form the toplist above. 
  2. Register and make a deposit: Register with your personal information, as required by the bookmaker. You may make deposits with e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Paytm, or UPI. Always confirm whether or not your preferred betting site is secure to protect your financial information, before revealing them. 
  3. Choose a game and place a bet: Choosing a game is one part that requires extensive study and skill, as the outcome of it determines your chances. In choosing a game, you have to understudy the forms and tactics of the competing teams in their previous games. Afterward, you can go ahead and place your bet. 
  4. Cash-out winnings: The highlight of your football betting is the winning part. When your game plays out according to your predictions, you win a specified amount on the betting site. Afterward, you transfer the money to your e-wallet or bank accounts as the case may be (this is called ‘Cash Out’).

How to Choose the Best Football Betting Site

There are several betting sites out there, but you have to exercise care in selecting the best among them. Your drive for football betting will come alive when you bet on credible sites perfectly suited to the Indian market. In essence, you have to look out for the following in choosing the best football betting site:

The Website Should Accept Indian Rupees

Always opt for betting sites that accept Indian Rupees, such as Dafabet. Betting on such sites enables faster deposits, less stress, easier withdrawals, and removes all conversion charges for foreign currencies. 

Look for Sports Bonuses With Low Wagering Requirement

Football betting is competition-oriented, so you have all betting sites offering welcome sports bonuses to players just to attract more bettors. Nevertheless, some of these sports bonuses have extremely high wagering requirements. They also require you to place bets on games with high odds. 

High wagering requirement means that you will have bet more (and potentially lose more if you already won) before you can withdraw your winnings from your casino bonuses. The average wagering requirement for Indian betting sites is 35x

Example: A betting site might give you a sports welcome bonus of ₹1,000 and with a wagering requirement of 40x. This means that you have to wager ₹40,000 (₹1,000 x 40) before you can cash out your winnings.

Try to bet on sites that offer you high odds coupled with low betting requirements. Lower wagering requirements will increase your winning potential as you can wager your bonus faster. For example, Bettilt offers a sports welcome bonus (which you can use for football betting) of 370% up to ₹37,000. The wagering requirement is 30x.

Compare the Odds

Different football betting sites offer different odds, from the top ones with high customer base globally, to the smaller bookmakers. After selecting your game (s), check the odds of the same game on other sites, and see which is higher. 

You may check three or more sites open for the same game and wager on the site with the best odds. You must admit that apart from the passion, you also bet to win, so always compare the odds for higher winnings.

Go for Low Commission Fees

A commission fee is a charge that the betting site levies on you for providing their service for you. A commission fee is usually applicable when you win on a particular betting site and should not be high. 

As a matter of practice, a commission fee is typically low and must not be more than 5 percent. The lower the commission fee, the higher the amount you have to yourself, so always go for low commission fees.

Does the Site Offer Live Streaming?

Live streaming is not so common among bookmakers in India, because of its expensive nature and other requirements. Live streaming sites provide a platform for you to stream the games you wagered on as they unfold. 

At the moment, only Unibet and 22Bet offer live streaming to Indian players, with 22Bet having the best live streaming platform. A live streaming site often provides a lot of football betting options to players, which may increase your winning chances.

Which Games and Leagues Are Available?

Before betting on a site, you have to be sure which games, leagues, and association competitions it has on its portfolio. Most betting sites generally have English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and French Ligue 1. This is because these European club leagues are the most viewed and most followed in the world. 

If interested in the Indian I-League or Super League, you have to find sites that offer them, i.e., 22Bet, 20Bet, 10CRIC, etc. 

Super League India

Is the Site Secure and Licensed?

Any football betting site you choose must have secure access, that protects and treats all players’ information as confidential. Also, you have to ascertain the legal status of any international site (s) you are betting on from India. 

You can easily check on the homepage of the betting sites if they have a valid license and are secured. Look for a valid casino license from countries such as Malta, UK, Gibraltar, Curacao, Germany and Sweden. 

Which Football Games and Leagues Can I Bet on from India?

Available for Indians to bet on are the most popular football leagues across Europe and around the world. These include the English Premier League, French League 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and Spanish La Liga. 

European tournaments such as Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League, as well as European team tournament Uefa Euro. You also have other popular leagues such as the US Major League Soccer, Dutch Eredivisie, Scottish Premiership, Mexican Liga MX, etc.

Some sites offer football betting options for the Indian I-League as well as the Super League. However, these sites are only a handful. Hopefully, with more popularity and overall advancement of both leagues, more sites would offer wagers on them.

Can I Bet on the FIFA World Cup from India?

Yes! Almost all football betting sites offer betting options for the FIFA World Cup to Indian players. Thus, the list of such sites is virtually endless.

However, the FIFA World Cup is a tournament that comes every four years. So it won’t appear in most betting options of betting sites until the next tournament inches closer, which is in 2022. Once the time comes, the sites will make betting available, and you can then start betting. 

Fantasy Football Betting

This involves assembling players from different clubs on your team, whose performance in real games earns points for you. Fantasy football is a trend among football fans and has been in practice in European and American countries for quite some time.  

To play you have to select a league to join, afterward, you get a club of your own and name it. You then get different players for different positions, their performance in real games scores you high or low points.

You can bet on fantasy football by first paying to join a league with your assembled team against other opponents. This is usually fixed and lasts the entire season of the main league (Premier League, etc.) or for one round of games. 

Also, you can compete against a particular opponent, whereby you both bet on the same amount; it lasts a determinate period. The competitor with the most significant points wins the bet; fantasy football betting happens in Premier League, La Liga, MLS, Bundesliga, etc.

Free Football Betting Tips for Indian Players

Betting is a highly competitive venture that requires diligence, calculation, and shrewd skill to land yourself some wins. If you must apply those, then you must caution yourself to the following football betting tips:


Research is vital to football betting; you have to dig very deep to find the best odds for your games. You have to take some time to study other leagues which are not so popular but offer exciting odds to players. 

Research reveals betting sites with better odds and faster cash-out rates in India, as well as more profitable betting markets. With better research, you stand higher chances of winning significant amounts of bets than a non-researching player.

Study the Form

You have to study the recent performances of the teams you are wagering on, with those of their opponents. Study their results, their goal scoring and goal conceding rates, frequently scoring players, frequency of corners, throw-ins, and free kicks. 

A team that has scored in the first half of their most recent games might likely do so again in subsequent games. Therefore, studying the form of your chosen teams raises your knowledge of available wager options on them.

Know Your Markets

Bookmakers offer several markets on each football game, which may be unclear or even hidden at surface levels. You must conduct an extensive study into your preferred markets to find higher odds per market. 

For instance, the throw-in markets provide you with vague options that could pay you real big if you understand them pretty well. Bookmakers usually place the throw-in markets below the trendy markets on their sites, but you have to unravel them.

Bet Only What You Can Afford to Lose

I’ve learned that betting with such sums of money that won’t hurt your financial standing if lost, is super important. I understand that football betting comes from a place of passion and a desire for return on your investment. However, such a desire for profits shouldn’t tempt you into betting with money you cannot risk losing. 

Avoid staking with borrowed funds, public funds, funds mapped out for other projects, etc.; simply bet with your spare money!

What You Should Know About Football Betting Odds

Odds vary from one bookmaker to another; you hardly see the same odds being offered by two different bookmakers. The game is all about winning, so you have to dig very deep to find the best odds for various games. 

What is good odds for different games depends mainly on the forms of the playing teams. For instance, for a team which has not conceded a goal in their last 10 matches, the odds for scoring against them will be a good one.

10CRIC usually offers the best football betting odds to Indian players, followed by such other bookmakers as Bettilt, Parimatch and 22Bet. 

There are fixed odds; these are odds set at the time of placing a bet and not altered by the bookmaker in the game. With fixed odds, your selection remains the same throughout the game to the end of it. Fixed odds account for the highest revenues of bookmakers and is one of the most popular options in football betting.

Football Betting Terms

  • Handicap – In football, some teams may be ‘better’ than the others, so the bookmaker favors the ‘poorer’ side by placing some goals with it. For instance, if Liverpool v. Southampton has 0:3 handicap, it means Liverpool must beat Southampton by at least 4 goals. If the match ends at 2:0, it is calculated as 2:3 for the handicap, and the bet is lost.
  • 1×2  – This is the most common wager option among players; it represents the three probable outcomes at the end of 90 minutes. 1 means home team wins; X means draw between the two sides, while 2 means away team wins. This is usually only valid till the end of the match, if it lingers to extra play, the bet becomes invalid.
  • Double – Double bets involve wagering on two games, and both wagers must be correct for you to win the bet. The return for your first wager (if you win) is added as the stake for the second one. To win a double bet, your predictions must both be correct; if one’s wrong, you lose the wager.
  • Spread – Spread betting involves wagering on the accurate result out of a specified range of probable results. The bookmaker lists out many results, and you predict the exact outcome at the end of the game. Examples of spread are the over/under 1.5, 2.5, etc. bets, whichever you predict must be so; otherwise, you lose.
  • Clean sheet – This is the type of bet that predicts whether a particular team would concede a goal in a game or not. Technically, a clean sheet means a team will concede no goal in a game. If your wager is Yes, they will keep a clean sheet, conceding amounts to a loss of the bet and vice versa.
  • Card Index – This involves betting on which team would collect more yellow and red cards in a football game. A red card is usually 25 points, while yellow is 10 points, the highest point being 35 points for a match. The team with higher card index points during 90 minutes wins the wager.
  • Over / Under – The bookmaker provides a range of likely outcomes; you bet on which of the outcomes would happen at the end of 90 minutes. For instance, there are games by the bookmaker for over / under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, or 5.5 goals. You bet on which team will score more or fewer goals using the over / under feature in a game.
  • Match betting – Match betting involves betting that a particular team would win their football match against another team. You may bet on either side wins or draws, but the odds may not be as high as betting on a particular team to win. Match betting is the most common and most patronized variety of bet amongst football players in India and worldwide.
  • Futures – A futures bet is one whereby before the beginning of a league or competition, you predict the winner of the league. Your bet runs for months, and the winner is determined at the end of the whole season. 

Football Live Streaming

Football live streaming is one whereby a bookmaker provides live matches on its sites at the time of play. So you can live stream games you wagered on and know the outcome via the bookmaker’s website. 

You can live stream football games on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Some betting sites even offer a dedicated app for this. 

Live streaming is available in India for the USA MLS, Mexican Liga Mx, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, Italian Serie A and others. 22Bet has the most robust live-streaming network in India, followed by Unibet.

Live Football Betting

Live football betting means wagering on a game after it has begun, so you bet on a game that is in play. The odds always differ from what obtained at the beginning of the match, but you still get something to wager on. 

In India, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, European Leagues, Italian Serie A, among others, are available for live betting. 10CRIC, 22BET, Bettilt, among others, offer live betting networks for Indian players.

Football Betting Apps India

Football betting apps are leading innovation in the world of football betting and make for a more exciting betting experience. With football betting apps, you can bet anytime and follow up your wagers with much more ease.  

In India, so far, 10CRIC offers the best football betting app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Football Betting Legal in India?

Yes. The laws of India are a bit vague on this subject. However, to this moment, there are no laws that penalize you for placing real money online bets on football games. Therefore, it is not illegal to wager on football games offered by online bookmakers, especially international bookmakers.

Can I Bet on Football for Free?

It depends. If a betting site offers a free bet (a sport bonus with no deposit requirement), you can bet on football for free. You can find betting sites offering free bets in this guide. 

What Is Football Betting?

Football betting is predicting the outcome of a football game or competition. Football is the most wagered sport all over the world, and the second-most wagered sport in India.

Which Is the Best Online Football Betting Site?

The best online football betting site in India is either 10CRIC or Bettilt. They both accept deposits and pay-outs in Indian Rupees. They offer excellent bonuses, are duly licensed with a well-secured betting platform and have the highest number of leagues.

What Are Considered Good Football Betting Odds?

Good football betting odds vary from game to game. Good football betting odds are to be perceived in the context of the form of the playing teams. For instance, when a team has gotten less than 5 corners in recent games, betting that they will get more than 7 in their next match is good odds for that game.

Which Is the Best Football Betting App?

10CRIC has the best football betting app in India. Here you will find live streaming and live betting.

How Do I Get Started With Football Betting?

To get started with football betting you have to choose a betting site, do your research on their odds, and compare it with those of others. You then proceed to study the various football betting markets. Once you’ve done all that you can register with a betting site and place your first bet. 

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Winnings?

Yes. If you are an Indian resident you have to pay a flat 30% tax on all your winnings. 

Where Can I Livestream Football?

You can live-stream football at 22Bet, Unibet, among others.