Can Online Casinos Save Goa From the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Hits Goa Casinos

The odds are not in favor of land-based casinos in Goa, which has faced the worst-case scenario in modern land-based casino times in India.

The Coronavirus has led to the shutdown of the biggest land-based casinos in India, particularly in Goa. For Delta Corp, the biggest gambling operator in India, the outbreak of Coronavirus could not have come at a worse time. 

Delta Corp operates land-based casinos in Goa, Sikkim and Nepal and the largest offshore casino in India, Deltin Caravela, as well as the only floating hotel-casino in India, Jalesh Cruise. So far, Delta Corp land-based casinos have enjoyed a year by year growth of 22%. But 2020 might be the worst year yet for Delta Corp land-based casinos, due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

The consequences of the Coronavirus has led to the closure of all Delta Corp land-based casinos in India: Casino Deltin Denzong in the state of Sikkim, closed until 14 April, Delta Corp three floating casinos and one land-based gaming venue in Goa, closed until 31 March. But the shutdown period can and will most likely be extended.

With plummeting shares for Delta Corp, borders sealed in Goa, local Indian gamblers in quarantine and shut down land-based casinos, Indian gamblers might wonder: is this the beginning of the end for Delta Corp land-based casinos in India and in particular Goa? No one knows yet. But one thing is for sure: online casinos in India will prosper due to the Coronavirus.

Delta Corp is now relying solely on their online gaming portals to compensate for the losses from their Coronavirus-struck land-based casinos. So far, it seems to be a safe bet. Recently, Delta Corp bought the online poker site, which has seen growth by 18% and an increase of 12% in daily active players, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. A similar positive trend can be noticed for Delta Corp online rummy site ‘’ and their online fantasy sports site ‘’. 

It’s a fact, the Coronavirus has opened up the world of online gambling for Indian gamblers and online gambling will continue to grow and set its well-deserved mark in the hearts of gamblers in India. 

Stats show that the gambling market in India was worth 62 billion Indian Rupees in 2019 and will reach 250 billion Indian Rupees by 2024. But how long the Coronavirus will prevail and what economic losses and impacts it will cause for Delta Corp land-based casinos in Goa, is something nobody knows. But what is clearly known at this point, is that Indian gamblers are in ever-increasing numbers starting to play at online casinos in India.

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