Online Casino Games

Read this guide to find out more about what online casino games are available in India and how and where to play them.

Where to Play Casino Games Online in India

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What Online Casino Games Can I Play?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of different casino games you can play online, and most of them fall into one of a few categories. The following are the core of the types of games you’ll find at most online casino in India:

Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti, is a three-card game which originated in the Indian subcontinent. As such, you are probably already familiar with this exciting game, which is similar to 3 draw poker and identical to the 3 card brag that’s popular in the United Kingdom. Match the three cards in your hand to maximise their worth and try to win as big a pot as you can.

Teen Patti Casino Game

Online Andar Bahar

Another well-known Indian card game is Andar Bahar. Compared to Teen Patti, Andar Bahar is based on pure luck. The game is said to be originated in Bangalore and is easy to learn. A pack of card (52 cards) is cut to reveal a card. The cards are then dealt to different spots. One spot is located on the left side of the table “Andar” and the other spot is located right side of the table “Bahar”. Your job is to guess where the same card number (as shown when the deck card was first split) will land. If you guess it right you win. Simple right?


Slots are perhaps the most exciting and dynamic casino games around. Compared to their humble start in the 19th century, today’s slots have been massively upgraded to the online casino games you will find today. These include advanced graphics, animations, exciting mini-games and various special features which you can activate to increase your win potentials. One of the favourite game modes are the free spins, allowing players to take several goes without paying! 

Jungle Jim Online Slot

Online Roulette

Online Roulette is one of the casino games that people have developed almost to a science. Even though it is relatively straightforward – a metal ball drops into a number slot from 0 to 36 – the table is set up in such a way that it offers a high complexity of betting. This has given birth to plenty of betting systems and strategies, each more clever than the last. 

Of course, in the end, it boils down to luck and the house advantage (which is bigger in American Roulette because of the existence of the double zero, 00). You can still diversify your betting by placing chips on edges or corners, betting on red/black, odd/even, thirds and various other options like orphans or series. You can find roulette and variants of the game in most Indian online casinos such as Jeetwin.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is a live casino card game launched by Ezugi. The game is easy and fun to play. All you have to do is guess if the card will be more than 7, less than 7 or equal to 7.

If you guess right you win.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a live casino version of the traditional game, launched by BetGames. The game is played with a deck of 24 cards. All cards are dividend equally into three symbols, representing Rock, Paper and Scissors.

The dealer will deal a card to two different sides. You can bet on both sides at the same time and you need to bet what symbol will beat the symbol on the card.

32 Cards Live

32 Cards Live is a card game developed by Ezugi, especially for Indian players. This game is extremely fun and easy to play.

You will see four hands on the table, each one with a default card. The dealer will then add one extra card to each hand. Your job is to guess which hand will have the highest score: default card + additional card.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is perhaps the most famous casino game after Poker. The rules are not overly complicated, but there are many options and styles of play. This game is notorious for drawing card counters and statisticians to the tables. All of them hoping to come out ahead by mathematically gaining an edge on the house.

You can choose between many different Blackjack variants such as Online Perfect Pairs and European Blackjack.

All you have to do is have a bigger hand than the dealer while not going above 21; it sounds simple but requires some thought.


Online lottery are casino games that involve picking a series of numbers which then need to be drawn out of a lottery drum to make a win. There are various systems, of which the most popular is perhaps the 7/42 style, but you’ll find other ones like 6/39. You can achieve the top winning payout if you match all of the balls’ numbers with the ones that get pulled out. Smaller amounts can be won by matching fewer numbers like 4 or 5. 

Visit LottoSmile or Lotto247, which are great venues where Indian players can find this style of online casino games.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are the instant-win kind of games where you reveal a certain hidden number or image and see whether you’ve won one of the prizes. These online casino games got their name from the real-world variant where you had to physically scratch off a foiled piece on the card to see what’s beneath it. Matching it with the prerequisite number, word or other inscription to win. 


Poker is the most glamorous of all online casino games. The game of choice for James Bond and plenty of other slick big-screen protagonists. Poker has existed for centuries in various formats, enjoyed across the globe by almost all peoples and cultures. One of the most popular ones is Texas Hold’em, but there are plenty of Poker variations too around. Look out for 3 Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

The point of all of them is the same, attain the best hand and then maximise your winnings by betting wisely. Of course, there are many strategic options like bluffing, calling, checking and other strategies which pros use to get an edge. Poker is the most skill-intensive of the casino games, especially when played against other players. You’ll find many variants of this online casino game, including the slot style Video Poker.

Live Casino

Sometimes you may wish you were seated at an actual green-cloth table, playing with your chips and making bets with real players next to you. Perhaps you have a drink, and the amiable dealer is making small-talk as she slides your cards over to you. The feeling that this image invokes can be a reality when playing Live Dealer Casino. These are online casino games of the table variety, which gets streamed through high-quality video service straight to your screen. Now experience the atmosphere for yourself from your home! 

How to Find the Best Casino Game

This is entirely down to your preference, but you can start by finding the appropriate venue to play at. Make sure the online casino is legitimate and reputable, as there are malicious and fraudulent sites on the internet which attempt to cheat you out of your funds. A great way to find the right casino for you is by reading our reviews and checking out our lists. We always support highly-regarded casinos, which come with gaming licences from strict authorities as well as a history of player satisfaction.

Once you’ve picked a safe venue, the rest is easy. Decide which kind of online casino game you’re in the mood for and select one of the hundreds available. Slots are always a fun go-to when you feel in the mood for dynamic games. Blackjack and Poker can offer skill-based options with the cards. Whereas sports betting can increase the fun of watching sporting events by adding that extra adrenaline while waiting for your team to score. A couple of other considerations can include bonuses, RTP and reviews.


Plenty of casinos offer sizable online casino bonuses for their new and returning players. These can be used in most casino games such as slots and roulette. They often entail “wagering requirements” which mean that you have to play through the funds a certain number of times before you can withdraw any wins made with the bonus money. The wagering requirement can be anywhere between 20x or 50x, sometimes even more. 

Usually, bonuses will require you to make a deposit which then the casino will match up to a certain maximum and at a certain percentage. Other bonuses, though, are “no deposit” bonuses and are granted just on sign up. The best kind are the “no deposit, no wagering” bonuses, but these are almost as rare as unicorns! 


The return to player (RTP) of casino games is a percentage which shows how much of all the funds invested in the game are paid back to players. The higher the RTP, the better the game pays.


Our site offers plenty of online casino reviews where you can play online casino games in India. Be sure to check them all out before picking your new favourite venue. 


Ensuring fairness in all the online casino games, a complicated mathematical code is employed. Using an MD5 algorithm, random numbers are generated, preventing any of the ideas of ‘fixing’ these games of chance. The RNG is applied on all casino games based on random matches, that includes, slots, Blackjack, Roulette etc. Our reviews check that the casinos are audited in their use of RNG; this it is also part of the compliance for reputable licences.

Play Online Casino Games for Real Money

Playing for real money is the point of casino games, and all of the venues on our lists allow you to do this. Visit one of our recommended casinos like Betfair and Spinit and play casino games with the chance to win actual cash! 

Play Casino Games for Free

Online casino games can be played both for free and for real money. Most of the fun comes from the real money variant, of course, but sometimes maybe you’d like to test a game out before playing it for free. This is where free casino games come into play! Check them out to find about casino game without having to pay!


What are online casino games?

Online casino games are virtual programs which simulate real-world gambling games like Roulette, Poker and Slots. 

Which casino games pay real money?

All of them do if you play them with real money. You have the option of trying some of the casino games for free, of course, but if you decide to play with actual cash, you’ll be able to get payouts back if you win. 

Which online casino has the most games?

Most of the casinos on our lists have hundreds or even thousands of casino games available. Casino Days, for instance, has over 3000 casino games for your pleasure. 

Can I hack casino games?

No. Do not attempt to hack online casino games. They are safe and protected behind industry-standard security. Even if you could, the repercussions are much greater than any possible gain, and you could face actual prison time on serious charges. 

Where can I play free casino games?

Visit any of the casinos on our lists and choose the “play free” version of the casino game you’d like to test out. Be advised that not all online casino games feature this option, but most do. 

Can I cheat on casino games?

No. You cannot cheat on online casino games, as they operate on strict mathematical principles. Even if you could, you shouldn’t do it as the consequences outweigh the possible gain. 

What are the best casino games?

Depending on your preference, there are different choices of best online casino games. If the question is which games pay back the most, refer to the games’ RTP percentages to identify this. 


To wrap up online casino games can be a lot of fun while offering big payouts for the lucky winners. Browsing our reviews is the best way to learn all you need to know about online casino games as well as to find the best venues to play them! Whether you enjoy Poker, Slots, Lotteries or Live Casino, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for right here!