32 Cards Live by Ezugi

Fancy some 32 Cards Live? Lucky you. In this guide, you will learn where and how to play 32 Cards Live.

Where to Play 32 Cards Live

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Ezugi 32 Cards Live

What is 32 Cards Live?

32 Cards Live is a card game based on luck and is inspired by Andar Bahar. As the name of the game implies, it is played with a 32 cards deck. Your goal is to bet on which out of 4 hands will have the highest score. Each hand has one default card and receives one additional card after you’ve placed your bet.

32 Cards Live was developed by Ezugi, specifically for Indian players. It is a fast-paced game and allows an unlimited number of players to participate at the same time.

32 Cards Live is developed for Indian players in mind.

The casino game is streamed in HD quality from Ezugi’s beautiful studio in Bucharest, Romania. It is hosted by friendly and professional dealers whom you can communicate with during the game. You can play 32 Cards Live either on your desktop or mobile device.

How to Play 32 Cards Live

32 Cards live is played with a 32-card deck. Each card has a numerical value from 6 to 13. All cards 6 to 10 are using their face value. All Jacks are valued as 11, Queens as 12 and Kings as 13. 

There are four hands on the table. Each hand has a default card valued from 8 to 11. The hands are labelled Player 8, Player 9, Player 10 and Player 11 depending on the values. The values for each hand are:

  • Player 8: 8 points
  • Player 9: 9 points
  • Player 10: 10 points
  • Player 11: 11 points

You have to bet on which of the 4 card hands you think will have the highest score. After your bet is placed, the dealer will deal an additional card to each hand. The value of each hand is calculated (default card + additional card). The hand with the highest score wins.

The score for each hand = default card + additional card.


  • Player 8 receive an 8: value is 8+8 = 16
  • Player 9 receives a 6: value is 9+6 = 15
  • Player 10 receives an 11: value is 10+11 = 21
  • Player 11 receives a 6: value is 11+6 = 17

In this example, player 10 is the highest hand. That means you win the game round if you placed your bet on player 10.

Note: If two or more hands have identical scores, the dealer will continue to deal cards until one hand wins. However, this is only done when there is a tie between hands with the highest score in the game. If there is a tie between two hands which do not hold the highest score, no extra cards are dealt.

To understand easily, here is how the gameplay looks when you play live:

Step 1: Place a bet on one of the four hands

How to play 32 Cards Live step 1

You are given 15 seconds to place your bet. There will be a timer on the screen to show you how many seconds you have left. To place your bet, you must click on the desired chip value. Then you place your chip on any of the hands you wish.

The chip values available are:

  • 50
  • 500
  • 1K
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • 50K
  • 100K

Step 2: The dealer deals the cards and a winner is decided

How to play 32 Cards Live Step 2

After the bets are placed, the dealer deals one card to each of the four hands. As the cards are dealt, you can see the total value (default card + new card) for each hand on the screen.

You will then see if you win or lose.


Player 811:1
Player 94.5:1
Player 102.2:1
Player 111:1

Player 11 is most likely to win since the default card is the highest but offer the lowest payout. Player 8 is less likely to win and offer the highest payout. 


32 Cards Live is a game of chance. There is no strategy that can guarantee your wins. The only thing you can do is place more bets on player 11 as it is the most likely to win. 


What is the RTP?

The RTP in 32 Cards Live is 92.71%.

What is the Minimum Bet?

The minimum bet is €1 (Rs. 90).

What is the Maximum Bet?

The maximum bet is €500 (Rs. 44,000).