Crash Game

This article contains everything you need to know about Crash Games. Keep reading to find the best crash game casino sites in India, how to play and tricks to win.

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What are Crash Games? 

Crash games is a simple casino games where you place a bet, watch the prize grow in real time, and win the money prize by cashing out before the crash. If you don’t cash out before the crash you lose your bet and the prize.

When you play, many people place bets at the same time. The multiplier, or the money prize, in the game continues to grow every second until there’s a crash. This crash can occur at any time. 

If you cash out before the crash, you will be awarded a money prize. Your money prize is your stake times the multiplier at cashout time. Since the multiplier grows with time, your prize gets bigger the more you wait, but the risks also grow bigger.

Crash games are very easy to learn and offer a low house edge. 

How to Play Crash Games Online

All crash games online follow the same rules. There might just be slight differences in the game theme, stake limits, and when players are allowed to cash out.

Here’s how you play a round of crash games:

Step 1: Choose your game

How to play crash games step 1

There are various crash games to choose from at Indian online casinos, with the most popular being Aviator. I played Aviator in the following steps below:

Step 2: Place a bet

How to play crash games step 2

Launch the crash game and place your bets. You’ll have only a few seconds to make your bets and the bet limits usually vary with the specific game, as previously mentioned. Usually, the limit is between $1 to $10,000.

Simply choose your stake from the betting panel and click the green “bet” button. 

Step 3: Watch the multiplier increase in value

How to play crash games step 3

The game round begins and the multiplier begins to increase with every second, starting at 1. It shows like a graph, so you can see it increase in real-time. 

Also, note that the speed of the multiplier growth increases with time.

Step 4: Cash out

How to play crash games step 4

To win money, you must cash out before it crashes. Once it crashes, you lose. 

Simply click on the “Cashout” button when you’re ready to cash out. Your prize equals your stake times the multiplier. 

Example: In the crash game above, I bet ₹1000 and click on “Cashout” when the multiplier was at 5.4x and won ₹5,400.

Can I Play Crash Games for Real Money? 

Yes. Crash games can be played for real money. You can decide to bet in fiat currency like INR or in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Best Crash Games to Earn Money

There are so many online crash games available at Indian online casinos these days. Recently, I checked Big Boost and Casino Days and found more than 15 crash games. The number of crash games at online casinos keep increasing. 

Below, I have briefly explained some of the most popular crash games available.


aviator game

Created by Spribe, Aviator game is one of the most popular crash games online. As the title suggests, the game has an Aviation theme. You must quit the flight in time before the plane flies away (crashes).

The minimum stake is $0.1 while the maximum stake is $100. The RTP is 97% and the game has a maximum payout of 100x your stake.

Aviator features an in-game chat where you can socialize with other players. It also has a double-bet feature and a “Rain Promo” drops free bets which are available in the chat. 

Penalty Shoot Out

penalty shoot out

Penalty Shoot Out is a unique crash game by Evoplay which is designed to appeal to Football lovers. In a game round, you play a penalty five times against the opponent. 

If the goalkeeper does not catch it, you get to play another while the coefficient (multiplier) increases. You can choose to collect your wins at any time after the first shoot. If the goalkeeper catches any of the 5 penalties, you lose your bet. 

The minimum bet per round is €1 while the maximum is €75.


plinko game

Here’s another very popular crash game at Indian casinos. There are versions of Plinko from BGaming, Stake Original, and Spribe. Generally, you can bet a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $2,500. 

Plinko is super simple. You roll a ball down a maze of pins. Where the ball lands will determine what you win. You can choose your risk level – whether low, medium, or high. 


jetx game

Developed by SmartSoft, this crash game has a fun retro theme. JetX looks similar to Aviator as it focuses on a spaceship on a flight. The multiplier increases as its altitude increases but crashes when it explodes. 

Players can set their bet sizes and target winnings between 1.01 and 999,999x stake.

It has both auto-play and auto-collect features. There’s also a live chat feature for you to chat with other players. 


spaceman game

Spaceman is a crash game created by Pragmatic Play. The storyline is centred on an astronaut travelling and eventually getting abducted by a UFO. 

In Spaceman, you have two options after the game starts – Cashout and Cashout 50%. The Cashout 50% option helps to withdraw half of your prize up to that point while the round continues to grow with the other half. 

The game has up to a 5000x multiplier and a maximum cash out of $500,000. It has a 96.5% RTP. 

Space XY

space xy crash game

A simple crash game designed by BGaming, Space XY features a Rocket flying through the X and Y positions. 

It has a betting range from £0.10 to £1,000 per round. The maximum cashout is 10,000x your stake. 

There’s also an Auto cashout feature to withdraw your prizes when they get to a certain amount. 

The RTP is 96.67%

Crash Game Tricks

It’s pretty easy to win at crash games – you simply have to cash out before it crashes. Fortunately, many of these games offer RTPs close to 99%, which is better than Online Blackjack and Online Roulette games. 

There is one thing to note in determining the cashout time. If you cash out early you take a low risk and get a low reward. And if you cash you later, you get a higher risk but a higher reward. 

Cash Out Early 

As mentioned, you can cash out at crash games whenever you want to, as long as it is before the crash. The tricky part is knowing when to cash out. If you cash out early, you may not win much, if you wait longer, you might lose. 

To play it safe, try cashing out a few seconds after the round begins. That is, when the multiplier is not more than 1.4x. This way, you will almost always win some money. 

If you want to win big with this strategy, you have to make big bets. For example, if you bet ₹10 and cash out at a 1.2x multiplier, your cashout will be ₹12. The profit here is only ₹2. 

However, if you bet ₹50 and cash out at 1.2x, you will get ₹60. Here, you get a profit of ₹10. 

Place small bets

If you want to play more game rounds, I advise that you break your bets into bits. What playing more game rounds does is create more opportunities to win. 

If you get to win small amounts from many rounds, you could accumulate an overall big prize. 

Double your bet when you lose

This system is known as the Martingale strategy. After a losing round, you double your bet until you eventually win. This helps to recover your previous losses.

For example, if you bet ₹10 and lose, you have to bet ₹20 on the next round. Eventually, you will regain your losses as you play more rounds. 

Choose a game with no lower cash restriction

Some crash games allow you to collect prizes as soon as the round begins. In some, the graph has to cross a certain multiplier level. 

If the multiplier level the marker needs to cross is very high, this could mean high risk. I recommend choosing a game without lower cash restrictions. An example of such crash game is Aviator.

Avoid Auto Cashout with High Multipliers

Auto cashout is a feature in crash games that lets you set a multiplier level where your winnings are collected automatically.

This feature could be great if set to a low multiplier, which is 1.5x max. If it is on a high multiplier, which is more than 3x, it is highly risky. 

For instance, if you play about 10 rounds with a high multiplier auto cashout, you’re likely to lose more than 5 rounds. 

Crash Game Apps

You can play the crash games I’ve mentioned in this guide either on online casino websites or on downloadable casino apps. Fortunately, there are casino apps for both iOS and Android devices. In India, these apps can be downloaded directly from online casino sites, such as 10CRIC

Whether you play on apps or directly on online casino websites, the experience is the same. You enjoy the same game, bonus, and casino features. The only difference is that playing with apps is easier as you won’t have to use a browser to start the game.

Below, you’ll find the best crash game apps in India:

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Can I Play Crash Games with Bitcoin? 

Yes, there are lots of crash games available at bitcoin casinos, where you can bet in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, you can also play crash games with rupee casinos like Casino Days

Can I Play Crash Gambling Games for Free? 

Yes, many crash games are available in demo mode. You’ll get free virtual coins to play when you launch the game. Your cashout will also be made in virtual coins. 

You cannot withdraw these coins or exchange them for real money. They remain as virtual coins in the game. 

Nevertheless, the fun mode is a great way to test the game before betting with real money. Everything in the game works the same way, except that you cannot play with or win real money. 

Are Crash Game Algorithm Random?

Yes. Crash games are based on Random Number Generator, RNG, and their outcomes are random. You can’t predict when the crash will occur.