Dice Duel

Wanna play Dice Duel? Keep reading this guide to learn how to play Dice Duel and best sites to play.

Where to Play Dice Duel

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How to Play Dice Duel

The instructions provided in this section are based on Dice Duel by Bet Games TV.

Two dice are used in the game, one red and one blue. The dice used are the standard type which contains 1 to 6 on the six surfaces.

You can place bets on the numbers, odd/even, or on which dice will win. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Place your bets

How to Play Dice Duel Step 1

Dice Duel gives you a total of 22 seconds to place your bet. You can choose main bets, number bets or odd/even. We have provided more info about each betting option further below in this guide.

Simply select your bet, set the amount and click on “place bet”. You will be able to see the odds for each bet in the betting area. You’ll also see the total possible win for the bet(s) placed.

Step 2: Check the result

How to Play Dice Duel Step 2

After your bets are placed, the live dealer rolls the dice with a dice shaker. The results will be shown on the screen and you will know whether you win or not.

Payouts are made (if you win) and a new Dice Duel round automatically starts.


Main bets

Main BetPayout
Red dice wins2.25
Blue dice win2.25

Number bets

Choose what number the red dice will be5.70
Choose what number the blue dice will be5.70
Combined number for red and blue dice34.00

Odd/Even bets

Red dice will be odd1.90
Red dice will be even1.90
Blue dice will be odd1.90
Blue dice will be even1.90
Sum of both will be odd1.90
Sum of both will be even1.90


Bet on tie for main bets

If you bet on tie in Dice Duel, you are more likely to win as the RTP for tie is 95%. On the other hand, RTP for winning die is only 93.7%.

Bet on the outcome of a single die instead of combination

The RTP for betting on a single die is 95% but only 94.4% for combination. Obviously, betting on the outcome of a single die offers more returns. So, even though the combined bet seems to pay more, you have less possibility of getting a win from it.

It doesn’t matter what odd/even you bet on

Another good bet to place on is the odd/even bet. Regardless of which of the odd/even bet you choose, the RTP stands at 95%.