Ludo Casino

Did you know you can play Ludo with real money at Indian online casinos?

This popular board game is easy to play online, and you can play against other players or the computer.

In this article, I have listed the best Ludo casino sites in India and explained how to play the game and the best strategies to win more often.

Best Ludo Casino Sites in India

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Ludo Board

Ludo board

The Ludo betting board might seem difficult to understand at first, but it’s easy to learn. Below, I have explained all the different parts of the board.

  • Yard – Refers to the four corners of different colours on the board. Each player gets a yard – coloured green, blue, red, or yellow. Four pieces go into each yard for each player. 
  • Squares – Players must move their pawns along the white squares when they initiate play by throwing the dice. However, the coloured inner-strip squares are specific, as they show the road to victory for each player. 
  • Star – Each player gets a star square on the board. It is the first square your pawns lands on when you get it out of the yard. Opponents cannot kick your pawn back into the yard when it is on this spot.
  • Multiplier – When you land on these squares, you win a multiplier of your stake. Multipliers could be 1x, 2x, 3x, up to 8x. You can find the latter in the coloured triangles.
  • Skull – Be weary of these squares. Once your pawn lands on one, it returns to the yard, and you get to start all over.  

How to Play Ludo Online

Ludo is played with up to four players, and getting four pawn-pieces. Each player’s pawns are colored yellow, blue, red or green.

Throw the dice to move your pawns. You win by moving all four pawns to the colored triangle, located in the middle of the board, before everyone else.

The following step-by-step guide on how to play is based on Ludo Express by mPlay. There are many versions of the game, but the gameplay is the same.

Step 1: Choose you colour

How to play Ludo step 1

Choose one of the four colours – green, yellow, red or blue.

Step 2: Place your bets 

How to play Ludo step 2

To place your bets, click on any of the chips labelled 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50. These labels are equivalent to the same amount in USD. 

Step 3: Kickstart with a roll of the dice

How to play Ludo step 3

Click on “ROLL A DICE” to begin. A dice will roll and reveale a number between one to six. You must land a four or a six to move your pawn out of the yard and onto the star symbol.

Step 4: Move your pawns

How to play Ludo step 4

Roll the dice again to move your pawns. If you land a four or a six again, you can choose to keep pushing an out-of-yard piece ahead. You can also bring one of your other pawns out of the yard and onto the board. 

So, as you move along, you can be fortunate to land on multipliers. If so, you’ll win a multiplier of your set bet. For example, if you bet 50 and land on a 3x multiplier, you’ll win 150 (50×3).

However, if a piece lands on one of the skulls, it has to go back into its yard.

If by any chance you land on a square occupied by another player’s pawn, the latter has to go back into the yard. In addition, you get to enjoy another roll of the dice. Conversely, the opposition must land a four or six to get the piece out of the yard.

Step 5: Get your pawns to the coloured triangle 

How to play Ludo step 5

The end goal of the Ludo game is to get all your pieces into the correct coloured triangle. You enjoy an 8x multiplier when your pawn enters the triangle. However, entering the triangle is only possible when the piece has gone all around on the board. 

When you enter the inner-strip coloured squares, the dice must land the exact number of steps to enter the triangle. For instance, if you are three steps away and the dice lands a four, you can not move. The dice must land a three or a lesser number.  

Ludo Casino Games

There are many varieties of Ludo. The gameplay is the same, but they might differ in terms of design, features, and betting limits. Below, I have explained the most popular ludo games you can play in India.

Ludo Express

You can now play Ludo Express by mPlay 10CRIC and Parimatch. The game has an RTP of 97% and offers an inviting in-game soundtrack.

The minimum and maximum bets are $1 and $50.



LudoBet by LUDO is played the same way as other Ludo games. Select a bet amount that feels okay to you and start rolling the dice to get started.

You can play Ludobet at Jeetwin.

Ludo Quick

Ludo Quick

Ludo Quick by Jili has an RTP of 97% and can be played for real money or free at JeetWin.

The minimum bet is ₹5, and the maximum bet is ₹5000.

Ludo Star

Ludo star

Ludo Star has multiple gameplay options, including 1v1, team, or four-player. The minimum bet is ₹10, and the maximum bet is ₹500.

You can play Ludo Star for real money on 10CRIC.

Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold by Zupee is the most advanced Ludo version that you can find online. It relies on RNG to provide fair results. Bet as low as ₹10 and as high as ₹500 when playing Ludo Supreme Gold. 

You can play this casino game for free or for real money on 10CRIC. You can also download the APK at App Store and Google Play.

Ludo King

Ludo king

Ludo King is one of the simplest versions of the game. The rules are simple, and the board is almost a replica of the traditional family board. 

You can play Ludo King on 10CRIC. You can also download the app from Google Play and App Store.

Ludo Payouts

One way of winning at Ludo is through multipliers. You can land on a 1x, 2x, 3x, or an 8x multiplier

The 8x multiplier is located in the triangle in the middle of the board.

Example: If you bet ₹25 and land on an 8x multiplier, you’ll win ₹200.

Ludo Betting Strategy

Here are some Ludo strategies you can apply to win more often:

  • Get All Your Pawns in Play Early: Whenever you land a four or a six on your dice throw, try to bring out any of your pawns still in the yard. This strategy gives you more options to win and neutralise enemy pieces on the board.
  • Keep Moving All Pawns: You must keep moving all your pawns and not focus on just one. Spread your options as far out on the board as possible. 
  • Take Other Out Other Pawns: The goal is to make it to the triangle. However, if you can limit the opponent’s chances of making the end-game, do so. 
  • Plan Your Escape Route: The saying is to be one step ahead, but in Ludo, you must be seven or more ahead. To prevent an attack from the enemy, always have seven squares between your piece and the opponent’s.
  • Dice Value Division: If you have two or more pawns out of the yard, you can divide your dice value between them. For example, if you land a six, you can move one pawn three squares ahead, same with the other. 

Play Ludo with Real Money in India 

You can play Ludo for real money or for free. When you play for real money, you win real money in return.

All Indian Ludo Casinos use Rupees as currency. As a result, you don’t need to exchange any currencies.

Ludo Betting Apps

Some Ludo casinos offer a dedicated app. You can download these casino apps for iOS and Android and play Ludo on them.

To download these Ludo apps, visit an online casino that offers an app. Find the iOS or Android button at the bottom of the page and click “download”.

Ludo Game with Paytm Cash

You can deposit and withdraw money from Ludo casinos using many payment methods. However, Paytm is the most popular option. You can top-up your casino account and withdraw using Paytm. 

To make a deposit using Paytm, follow these steps:

  1. Register a casino account
  2. Click on “Banking” or “Payments”
  3. Choose “Paytm,” enter the amount, and click on “proceed”
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Deposits are free and instant.