Mega Ball

Mega Ball, an exclusive game from Evolution Gaming, is the ultimate game for thrill-seeking gamblers. It enables wins up to ₹50,000,000 in a single round!

In this guide, I’ve covered everything you need to know about this game. Keep reading to learn how to play Mega Ball, where to play and useful strategies.

Where to Play Mega Ball

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Mega Ball

What is Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is an exclusive game from Evolution Gaming. It’s an exciting combination of an online lottery and a live casino game played with a creatively-designed ball vending machine. 

A live dealer hosts the game in a welcoming green, and golden decor live studio. Players buy cards with numbers written over them and strike off specific line combinations with the balls drawn. There are 12 lines per card that can fetch you wins.

The last ball drawn is the Mega Ball, before which a multiplier value of 5x-100x multiplier is assigned to your wins. In some cases, there are two Mega Balls drawn. The multiplier value is decided with the help of a giant reel spun by the live dealer. 

The maximum win you can expect with six or more completed lines is 1,000,000x your bet.  

How to Play Mega Ball

The ball vending machine in Mega Ball has 51 multi-coloured numbered balls, of which 20 are randomly drawn. 

The game starts when players set the card value and purchase cards with a 5*5 randomly numbered matrix. There are specified line patterns that the players have to complete on the cards with the numbers drawn to win the game. 

Let us go through the steps to play Mega Ball: 

Step 1: Set the Card Value and Purchase Cards

how to play mega ball step 1

First, you will set the card value. The minimum value you can set is €0.1 (about ₹10), and the maximum is €100 (about ₹10,000). Following that, you will buy cards. You can buy up to 100 cards per round in the game. 

Example: If you buy 100 cards for ₹10 per card, your total bet will be ₹1,000.

You will have 12 seconds to set the card value and buy cards between game rounds.

Step 2: The Dealer Draws 20 Balls

how to play mega ball step 2

The Mega Ball drawing machine houses 51 numbered coloured balls, and 20 balls are drawn one by one. As the balls are released, the matching numbers on the cards are struck off. 

The cards are re-arranged, with the ones closest to completing a line moving to the top with each draw. The desired numbers likely to complete a line on your cards are highlighted above the cards with their possible winnings. You can also change your cards in the middle of the game.

Step 3: A Multiplier is Generated

how to play mega ball step 3

A multiplier is generated for the wins if the Mega Ball strikes off a line on your card. This multiplier can be between 5x-100x. 

Here is the list of possible multiplier values that can be applied to your wins:

  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 12x
  • 15x
  • 20x
  • 25x
  • 50x
  • 100x

Step 4: The Last Ball is Drawn

how to play mega ball step 4

Once the multiplier value is decided, the last Mega Ball is drawn. If it completes a line on your cards, your wins are multiplied by the drawn multiplier. You can win up to 1,000,000x your bet, with a maximum win of €500,000 (about ₹50,000,000).

There is a rare chance of a ‘2nd Mega Ball’, where players have a second chance of winning with a big multiplier! 

If one or more lines are completed on your cards, you will win only the highest multiplier. These lines can be generated horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can have more than one win on the same card. 


No. of linesPayout
11x your bet
25x your bet
350x your bet
4250x your bet
51,000 your bet
6 +10,000 your bet

Mega Ball Strategy

The average RTP of Mega Ball is 95.40%, which is on the lower end compared to other casino games, such as Online Roulette or Online Blackjack. This game certainly has a chance to help you make huge payouts, but that happens very rarely. 

Since it is purely a random game of chance, there is not much of a strategy you can use to increase your winning chances. But here are some strategies that might give you an edge:

Buy More Than One Card

Each card has 12 possible winning line combinations. If you buy, say, 100 cards, you will have 1,200 possible winning line combinations. The more cards you buy, the greater your winning chances.

Spend Less Money on Each Card

You should set a lower card value. Instead of buying, say, 100 cards for ₹1,000 and spending ₹100,000. You are better off buying 100 cards for ₹10 INR each for ₹1,000. This way, your bankroll lasts longer, and you get more winning opportunities.  


What is the RTP of Mega Ball?

The RTP of Mega Ball is between 95.05% to 95.40%. 

What are the Minimum and Maximum Bets?

The minimum bet in Mega Ball is ₹10, and the maximum bet is ₹1000.

What is the Maximum Win in Mega Ball?

The maximum possible win in Mega Ball is ₹1,000,000 of your bet, capped at ₹50,000,000.