Speed Baccarat

Wanna play Speed Baccarat? Keep reading to learn how to play Speed Baccarat and where to play.

Where to Play Speed Baccarat

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Speed Baccarat

How to Play Speed Baccarat

Our instructions are based on Live Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Speed Baccarat uses 8 decks, which contains 52 cards each.

Ace cards value is taken as 1 while cards 2 to 9 are taken at face value. Cards 10 and faces (J, Q, K) are taken as 0.

Just like traditional Baccarat, the hand closes to 9 wins. You will have to bet on which hand will have the closest value. You can bet on the dealer, banker, or tie. There are also side bets.

A round in Speed Baccarat last only 27 second!

If you’ve played regular Online Baccarat, you probably know that a game round lasts 48 seconds. But in Speed Baccarat, cards are dealt face-up to make it faster. One round of Speed Baccarat lasts for only 27 seconds.

A game round continues, until the cut card is dealt. Then, the cards are shuffled again to begin another round.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Place your bet

how to play speed baccarat step 1

While the regular Baccarat gives you 15 seconds to bet, you only get 10 seconds in Live Speed Baccarat. If you place a bet on Banker, the banker takes a commission of 5%. If you want to play without the commission, you should go for No Commission Baccarat instead.

To place your bets, you have to make use of the coins which are of different denominations. The coin sizes include 2, 10, 50, 200, 500, and 1000. You have to drag and drop the coins on the betting area.

Step 2: Cards are dealt

how to play speed baccarat step 2

The dealing of cards follows. Each card is dealt face up and the first one goes to the player side.

After all cards have been dealt, the result will be displayed on the screen and payouts will be made.


Player or Banker Pair11:189.64%
Perfect pair (one pair)25:191.95%
Perfect pair (two pair)220:191.95%
Either pair5:186.29%

Side Bets

  • Player or Banker Pair – This is a bet that the two cards for either the player or the banker are a pair.
  • Perfect pair (one pair) – This is wager that two cards dealt to the player OR banker are identical in suit and value
  • Perfect pair (two pair) – Here, you bet that two cards dealt to both player AND banker are identical in suit and value.
  • Either pair – Bet on banker or player to have a pair

Speed Baccarat Banker and Player Bonus

There is also a banker and player bonus in Speed Baccarat. The bonus is based on the differences between the value in two hands. 

Example: if there’s a 7-point difference, the payout is 6:1. For 8 points, it rises to 10:1. 

You can see the payout for this bonus below:

Non-natural hand wins by 9 points30:1
Non-natural hand wins by 8 points10:1
Non-natural hand wins by 7 points6:1
Non-natural hand wins by 6 points4:1
Non-natural hand wins by 5 points2:1
Non-natural hand wins by 4 points1:1
Natural win1:1
Natural tiePush

Speed Baccarat Strategy

Use side bets for maximum wins

If you’re a player that loves to hit the big wins, go for the side bets. For example, if you bet that both banker and player will be pairs, the odds is 200:1.

While the potential payout is quite huge, also note that the RTP is low.

Bet on Banker

Even though the payout on the banker bet is a bit lower than the player bet, it has a higher hit rate. Compared to the player’s rate of 49.32%, the banker usually wins 50.68%.

Skip Tie bet

The tie bet has the highest potential payout of 8:1 in the regular bets. This may be quite tempting as it rewards more than the banker and player bets. However, it has the worst odds and only pays out 9.6% of the time.

Don’t follow patterns

One of the biggest mistakes most gamblers make is placing bets based on previous wins. Many casino games like Live Speed Baccarat are random. Numbers don’t repeat themselves even if they have occurred in the past. So, don’t create betting patterns from previous results.

In-Game Options

Evolution Gaming includes many customization options in Speed Baccarat which enable you to adjust the settings to your taste. One of these features is the ‘Switch Views”. It allows you to switch to a smaller dealer window and larger betting panel. This feature also includes a 3D view and can be accessed through the camera symbol.

You can also adjust the video quality and sound. It further allows you to see the number of players in each round and check previous wins. 

Lastly, there is a chat feature made available for you to communicate with the dealer.


What is the RTP in Speed Baccarat?

The optimal RTP is 98.94%, which is based on bankers’ bets.

What is the Maximum Bet?

The maximum bet is €6,250.

What is the Minimum Bet in Speed Baccarat?

The minimum bet is €1.