Online Craps

Craps is a dice game that got popularised in land-based casinos. But nowadays, Craps is mostly played online, where it’s known as Online Craps.

In this guide, we will list the best online casino in India to play online craps, how to play and give you some tips on how you can win.

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Online Craps

What Is Online Craps?

Online Craps is a dice game with the goal to make bets on results of a dice roll (or rolls). It is a multiplayer game where up to 16 players can play at the same time.

Online Craps is the one of only two dice casino games online that you can play with real money. The other dice game is Sic Bo

How to Play Craps 

The rules to play Online Craps is the same as if you play it in land-based casinos. Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need to learn how to play craps. 

Craps Table

The craps table is covered with a rug (often green). The rug is printed with a diagram with white text. On the diagram, there are fields that display numbers for each type of bet. The center of the table contains fields for hard ways and one roll bets. 

Each end of the Craps table has the same layout, meaning that each end contains the same fields for placing bets.

Craps Rules

Craps is played with 2 dice and can be played by up to 16 players. 

Before the first dice roll can be made, a bet must be made by the Shooter. The Shooter is the name for the player who rolls the dice. The Shooter must place a bet on the line named “Pass” or “Don’t pass” on the Craps table. 

After the Shooter has made his bet, the Shooter begins the round of Craps by making a roll with his dice to the opposite side of the Craps table. The first roll that the Shooter makes is named the “come-out roll”.

The goal with the “come-out roll” is to create a point and the point can not be any of the following numbers: 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12.

  • If the result of the “come-out” dice roll shows the numbers 7 or 11, the “pass line bet” wins and the round ends. 
  • If the “come-out roll” shows the numbers 2,3 or 12 on the dice, the “pass “line bet loses.
  • If the “come-out roll” shows the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 then one of the numbers is assigned to the player as his point. 

When a point has been set up, the players can bet that the point will be rolled again before the number 7, or the other way around. 

Type of Dice and Possible Dice Combinations:

Dice numberDice roll combination
31–2, 2–1
41–3, 2–2, 3–1
51–4, 2–3, 3–2, 4–1
61–5, 2–4, 3–3, 4–2, 5–1
71–6, 2–5, 3–4, 4–3, 5–2, 6–1
82–6, 3–5, 4–4, 5–3, 6–2
93–6, 4–5, 5–4, 6–3
104–6, 5–5, 6–4
115–6, 6–5

Rolling the Dice

The dice is thrown with one hand so the dice bounce off the opposite wall of the Craps table. Each dice roll in Craps has a nickname. Below you find popular nicknames for each dice roll:  

  • 2 = Two Aces, Snake eyes
  • 3 = Three Craps Three 
  • 4= Little Joe, Little Joe from Kokomo
  • 5=  After five, Little Phoebe
  • 6= Jimmie Hicks
  • 7= Seven out, Six Ace
  • 8= Easy eight
  • 9= Centerfield 9 
  • 10= Puppy paws, Hard ten
  • 11= Yo eleven
  • 12= Boxcars

Types of Craps Bets

Line Bets

The pass line bet: the most common bet in Craps. This is a bet that players make on their own without the involvement of a dealer. The pass line bet is a bet for the shooter to win. The bet wins if the “come-out” roll displays the number 7 or 11. 

The bet loses if the “come-out” roll displays the numbers 2, 3 or 12. Any other number from the dice roll gives a point. This means that the number should be rolled again before the number 7.  

If a point has been set and that specific number is rolled again, the bet loses. This scenario is called “sevens out”.

Multi-Roll Bets

Multi-roll bets are bets that need a few more extra rolls with the dice before it is possible to decide a result. 

Hard Way Bet: another word for Hard Way Bets is “doubles”. Because the player must roll the same number with both dice in order to win. Hard way bets can only be placed on numbers 4, 6, 8, and 10. 

Example: If both dice show the numbers 4 and 4, the player will only win the bet if the shooter throws 4, 6, 8 or 10 before the shooter throws a 7 or other combination of numbers that are not double.

Easy Way Bet: players will bet on the numbers 4, 6, 8 or 10 to be rolled before the number 7. 

Example: Players win if the shooter throws 4,6,8 or 10 before the 7.

Big 6: players will bet that the number 6 will be rolled before the number 7. Big 6 is also called the “sucker bet”.

Big 8: players bet that number 8 will be rolled with the dice before the number 8. Big 8 is also called the “sucker bet”.

Place Bet: the player tells the dealer how much he wants to bet and on which number before a 7 is rolled. The numbers that the player can select between are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.

Buy Bets: Buy bets are similar to Place bets. But buy bets payout full true odds. 5% commission is charged to “buy’” the bet when a player makes the bet.  

Lay bet: can be placed on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Players can choose a number and a betting amount for each number. Players win if the 7 comes out before the number which the player has chosen.

Single-Roll Bets

Any 7: players bet that the next number will be 7.

Horn Bet: Player bet that the next number will be 2, 3, 11, and 12. 

C&E: players bet that the next number will be  2, 3, 11, or 12.

Hop Bet: players bet that a specific number combination will show up. For example 2-2 or 6-4. 

Players bets

Fire Bet: It can be allowed to place before the shooter begins. Fire bets can be of the amount $1 or $10 or more. 

Bonus Craps: players can place an extra wager of $1 -25 $ before the starting “come out” dice roll. The extra wager of $1 -25 $ can be placed on “All Small ”, “All Tall”, or “All or Nothing at All.” 

To win “All Small, ” players need to get the following numbers before the number 7: 2, 3, 4, 5 o 6. To get “All Tall”, players must get the numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 before number 7. “All or Nothing at All” is won if the player gets all 10 numbers before a 7. 

Multi Different Bets

Players can make multiple different bets. A player can, for example, bet $2 on all hard ways and the horn. The dealer can refill the losing bet with the amount from the winning bet, in case one of the bets by the player wins. 

Working and Not Working Bets

When a bet is working, it means that the bet is current in-play. A working bet can also be a bet that is placed on the Craps table, but not in-play. Examples of working bets are “Pass line” and “Come bets”. 

Another case of a “not working” bet, is if a player decides to not wager a bet in the middle of a dice roll. Then the bet becomes “not working”.

Examples of not working bets are “Place” and “buy bets”. “Place” and “buy bets” are not working if a point has not been set. 

Online Craps Odds

Craps use 2 dice with 6 sides on each dice. This means that it is possible to make a total of 36 different number combinations with each dice. The odds of getting each number is 1 out of 36. 

Here you can read the odds and payout for each bet type:

Bet Type True OddsPayoutHouse Edge
Pass Line or Come Bet251 to 2441 to 11.4140
Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bet976 to 9491 to 11.4020
Number 4 or 102 to 12 to 14.7600
Number 5 or 93 to 23 to 24.7600
Number 6 or 85 to 65 to 64.7600
Number 4 or 101 to 21 to 22.4400
Number 5 or 92 to 32 to 33.2300
Number 6 or 85 to 65 to 64.0000
Field Bets
3,4,9,10, or 111 to 15.5000
2,122 to 15.5000
Place Bets
Number 4 or 102 to 19 to 56.7000
Number 5 or 93 to 27 to 54.0000
Number 6 or 86 to 57 to 61.5200
6 or 810 to 19 to 19.0900
4 or 108 to 17 to 111.1000
One Roll Bets
Any 75 to 14 to 116.9000
Any Craps8 to 17 to 111.1000
2 Craps or 12 Craps35 to 130 to 113.9000
3 Craps or 11 Craps17 to 115 to 111.1000
Horn Bet(3 or 11)3.75 to 1
Horn Bet(2 or 12)7.5 to 1
Big 6 1 to 19.0900
Big 8 1 to 19.0900

Strategies to Win in Craps

Don’t bet too big 

It might be fun to make big bets and let the winning hunger kick in. But it is better to spread out your bets into smaller sizes. This helps you to analyze your gameplay more efficiently and find ways to improve your game. 

It can be tempting to win back money after a big loss. But it is better to not risk it all. Instead, stay in the game by placing smaller bets.  

Stay away from Big 6 or 8

There is a reason “Big 6” and “Big 8” are called Sucker bets. “Big 6” and “Big 8” are instantly noticeable on a Craps table and therefore it is easy to spend money on them. However, it is best to stay away from both “Big 6” and “Big 8” when possible to save money.

Bet on the come out-roll

By betting on the come out-rolls you will lower the house edge to around 1.40%.

Compare odds between casinos

Don’t settle for the first casino you find. Each casino has different odds on craps and it’s a wise choice to check out a wide range of casinos before you decide your favorite casino. 

You Can Play Craps Online with Real Money or For Free

Craps online for free money means that you are playing Craps with fun money or in demo mode. 

Craps for free money gives you the chance to learn the gameplay, rules and practice your skills for free. This means that when you win in Craps with free money you don’t get to keep your winnings. 

Craps for real money, on the other hand, means that you will spend real money to play Craps. Every bet you make is with real money and you get to keep every win. 

To play Craps for free money, simply choose the demo mode or fun money button on a Craps table at an online casino. To play craps for real money, simply choose the real money button or real money mode on a Craps game.

Play Craps on Mobile

Craps for mobile works in the same way as craps on desktop when it comes to gameplay. The main difference with Craps on mobile compared to Craps on Desktop is that you play the game on your mobile device.

You can play Craps on mobile devices that support iOS, Android and Windows. Each online casino offers different methods to start playing Craps on mobile. The most common ways to start playing Craps on mobile are: 

  • Download an app = click on a link to download an App for iOS or Android phones. Casinos such as 10Cric offers dedicated apps where you can play Online Craps. 
  • Browser-based = play directly in your browser (such as Chrome or Firefox)
  • QR code = scan a specific QR code for the Craps game

To play craps on a mobile:

  1. Find an online casino in our list of online casinos
  2. Open your account on the chosen online casino
  3. Select a craps game
  4. Play the craps game with your mobile

The History of Craps 

Craps started as a game played on the streets in France, in the 1700 century. Later on, Craps became popular in the United States, due to a man named Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville was a french American politician, who bought the game from France and popularized it in New Orleans. The name Craps comes from the mispronounced word “crabs”, which was used in the underclass Louisiana.

Craps was long seen as an unfair game, due to the design of the playing dice. However, this problem was solved around 1907 when a man with the name John H. Winn, a dice maker, stepped in to change the layout of the dice. His invention added the features on the dice called “Don’t pass” and “Pass”. 

With the help of this innovation, Craps became a fair game and the format of “Pass” and “Don’t pass” is used in all land-based, and online casinos in India today.


Is Online Craps Legal in India?

Yes. Online Craps is legal in India.

Can I Play Online Craps with Indian Rupees?

Yes. You can play online craps with Indian Rupees. Just make sure to choose an online casino that accepts Rupees.

Which are the Best Sites to Play Online Craps?

The best sites to play Online Craps is Casino Days, Big Boost, and ShowLion.

Is Online Craps Rigged?

No. As long as you play online craps at licensed casinos, you can be assured that online craps games are not rigged.

What is the Best Way to Learn Craps Online?

The best way to learn craps online is to start playing craps with fun money or in demo mode.

Where Does the Word Craps Come From?

Historians believe that the word craps come from a mispronunciation of the word “crab”.

What is the Best Bet in Craps?

There are no best bets. Each bet has its own benefits depending on the situation in the game. Craps is a game of luck and only luck can decide if your bet can win. 

How Many People Run a Craps Table?

Three people can run a craps table, two dealers and a stickman.

How Many Combinations are There in Craps?

If you use 2 dice you can roll 11 different numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The numbers are based on that there are 36 different combinations for 2 dice with 6 sides.

Can I Play Online Craps for Free?

Yes. You can play online craps for free at most online casinos that offer craps.