Paplu (Indian Rummy)

Paplu is an Indian Rummy game and one of many popular casino games in India. In this guide, we will explain how to play Paplu and list the best sites to play Paplu for real money.

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Paplu Card Game

What is Paplu?

Paplu, also called Indian Rummy is a popular card game in India. The history of the game is rooted in Spain, from the Spanish word Conquain and in South Asia, from the game “Rhuk” or “Celebes Rummy”. 

Throughout history, Paplu has been played in different parts of the world, such as the USA. In international circles, Paplu is often called Indian Rummy. 

How to Play Paplu

Paplu can be played in 2 different formats. Either with 13 cards or with 21 cards. But the most common form of Paplu is played with 13 cards.

Cards & Players

Paplu can be played by 2-10 players. 2 standard card decks with 52 cards, including 2 printed joker cards are used if the game is played by 2-6 players. 

3 standard decks of 52 cards are used if the game is played by 7 players or more. 

In total, there are 106 cards for 2-6 players and 159 cards for 7 or more players

Rules for 13-Cards Paplu

The most popular type of Paplu game in India is played with 13 cards. The objective is to turn your cards into runs and sets.

Start the game by assigning a dealer

First, a dealer must be assigned. To select a dealer each player must choose a card randomly from a card deck. The player with the highest card can choose his seat. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. 


The dealer shuffles the cards and deals 13 cards to each player. Then picks a random joker card (either wild or printed) from the card deck and places the card on the table. The remaining cards remain face down on the table. 

Each player must arrange their cards and then, either draw a top card from the closed card deck. Or draw a previously discarded card (by a player) from the discarded pile of cards. 

Each round continues in the same way. Meaning that each player takes action in turns from left to right. When the player has picked a card, he needs to do the following: arrange the cards and discard 1 card.

How to win in 13-Card Paplu

To win at 13-cards Paplu, you must create 2 valid sequences of sets or runs and say “Paplu” (Rummy). 

A run is a sequence of cards of the same suits, example 3 of clubs, 4 of clubs and 5 of clubs. A set is made of cards of the same rank but different suits, example 5 of spades, 5 of diamond and 5 of clubs. 

Note: If you use a card to form a run, then you cannot use the same card to form a set and vice versa. 

Rules for 21-Cards Paplu

21-cards Paplu can be played by 2-4 players. The game uses 3 standard decks with 53 cards in each card deck. Each card deck includes 1 printed joker. 21-card Paplu also uses value cards: Nichlu, Paplu and Tiltu.

Assign a dealer

Before a game of 21-cards Paplu can begin, the dealer and the playing order is decided, with the help of a dice throw. 

The highest number from the dice throw becomes the starting player, while the lowest number becomes the dealer. Once the dealer is selected, and the seating of the players has been arranged, the game round can begin.


The dealer deals 21 cards to each player. A wild joker card is selected randomly from the deck of cards and placed on the joker position. 

The player seated to the right of the dealer begins the round by picking 1 card, either from the open pile or the closed pile of cards. The player then discards 1 card and places it faced up on the table. 

The game play continues until someone wins.

How to win in 21-Card Paplu

To win in 21-cards Paplu, you must arrange your cards in runs and sets. To declare a win (called Paplu), you must form a minimum of 3 pure sequences and the remaining cards as sets or runs.

When you declare a win you earn all the losing points from all other players.


Jokers are wildcards that can be used to replace any card. The value of the jokers is chosen by the dealer at the beginning of the game.

For example, if the dealer decides that the joker is worth 8 then you can use any jokers the same way as 8s. You can then use jokers to form sets and runs. 


If you have a poor hand you can choose to pack (fold) your hand before your first run. Your card will be added to the bottom of the card pile. You will also be forced to pay 10 points to the winner. 

If you choose to pack after your first, you owe the winner 40 points

If all players choose to pack except for one player then that player wins and collects 10 or 40 points for all other players. The points are allocated according to the rules above. 

How Does Scoring Work in Paplu?

If you have declared a Paplu (a win) all the other players must count their score. All the other players will then owe you those points. 

The cards are worth the following points: 

  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 = 10 points
  • Numbered cards = their face value. Example: 9 of Clubs is worth 9 points
  • Joker cards = 0 points

You will also receive 10 or 40 points from all packed players for that round (as explained above).

Note: If you win and one or several of the other players have cards part of straight run, then these cards will not be counted. 

Is Paplu Legal in India?

Yes, Paplu (Indian Rummy) is legal in India. It was concluded as legal by the Supreme Court in India, who considered Paplu to be a game of skill.

Skill games like Paplu are legal and protected under the Constitution of India and the Honorable Supreme Court of India. This means that you can play Paplu from any state in India. Either for free or with real money.

Tips & Strategy to Win

Aim to get 2 runs as quickly as possible 

This will help you to get fewer points if you lose a hand. 

Use Joker Cards

Make sure to use joker cards to complete a run. Another benefit with jokers is that if you have completed 2 runs, you can use the joker to complete the remaining runs. 

Inspect your opponents

Keep checking which cards are discarded and which cards are collected from the open pile of cards. This will help you to understand which hand your opponent has and how to adjust your playing style.

Don’t focus just on winning

If you only focus on winning, you lose track of your losses. A balanced playing style involved keeping track of losses as much as winnings.

Discard cards with high value

Discard high cards when you can, in particular at the early stages. Because you are not able to keep high-value cards for too long. But make sure to not discard high cards that are already forming a run or a set. 

Develop your own strategy

The more you play, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you understand what works and what doesn’t.


Is it Safe to Play Paplu Online

Yes. It is safe to play Paplu online. Sites that offer Paplu for real money are often regulated and have a valid license.

Where can I Play Paplu for Real-Money?

You can play Paplu for real money at various selected online casinos in India. You can find a list of such casinos in this guide.

Is Paplu a Game of Skill or Luck?

Paplu is considered to be a game of skill, just like online blackjack and online Teen Patti.

Are Paplu Games Available to Play on Smartphones?

Yes. Paplu games can be played on all smartphones supporting iOS or Android.

What is the Best Way to Win in Paplu?

There is no single best way to win in Paplu. Instead, there are a few different strategies to use to win in Paplu. You can read more about these strategies in this guide.