Rock Paper Scissors

This article contains everything you need to know about Rock Paper Scissors? Keep reading to learn how to play Rock Paper Scissors online and where to play.

Where to Play Rock Paper Scissors

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How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Online

Our instructions are based on Bet Games TV Rock Paper Scissors.

The game itself is a traditional hand game which features three different hand shapes. These shapes are Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats scissors.

When you play Rock Paper Scissors online, a deck of 24 cards is used. All 24 cards are divided into three equal symbols to represent each element of the game. Eight cards display the Rock symbol, another eight the paper symbol, and the remaining eight the scissor symbol.

Now, that you understand the basics, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose your bet

How to play Rock Paper Scissors step 1

Rock Paper Scissors gives you 18 seconds to bet. The betting coins to choose from are 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, and 100.

There are two parts of the table, the silver side and the gold side. You can bet on either side or both. But you can only place one bet on each.

You’re betting on which of the symbols will be better than the symbol of the card dealt. This is done by clicking on any of the icons of the three symbols found on each side of the table.

Step 2: The dealer reveals the symbol cards

How to play Rock Paper Scissors step 2

After the bet is placed, the dealer shuffles the cards in a machine. Then she places the first symbol card on the silver side and another card on the gold side.

Step 3: See if you win

How to play Rock Paper Scissors step 3

Immediately after the first card is placed on the silver side, you’ll know if you win and what your payout is. Likewise, you will also know if you win when the card is placed on the gold side.

When you win, the payout is made immediately.

Rock Paper Scissors Symbols Ranking

This live version of Rock Paper Scissors follows the same ranking as the traditional game.

  • Paper beats the rock
  • Scissors beat the paper
  • Rock beats the scissors

When the symbols are the same, it’s a tie


Silver hand
Gold hand

Rock Paper Scissors Strategy

Unlike many other casino games, there are only a very few strategies that can help you in Rock Paper Scissors. 

Beware of tie in gold side

The gold side of the table awards a higher win when you have a better symbol. This is because one card has already been removed from the deck to the silver side. The removed card causes a slight increased probability in getting a tie (which means you will lose money). 

If you get a tie in the gold side, you will lose money

But even though the payout for a win is higher there, the tie hand occurs quite often. So, you must be careful not to lose more money on this side.

Only bet on the silver side for higher returns

The win on the silver side does not pay as much as the gold side. However, it involves lesser risks and has a higher return to player rate.

Moreover, when you tie on the silver side, your complete bet amount is refunded. This makes it a safer side to bet on.