Speedy 7

Wanna play Speedy 7? Keep reading to learn how to play Speedy 7 and where to play.

Where to Play Speedy 7

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How to Play Speedy 7

The instructions we have provided in this guide are based on Speedy 7 by Bet Games TV.

Speedy 7 is played with 52 cards, with the deck shuffled each round. The dealer deals seven cards face up one by one. You need to choose which colour you think will be next.

That means you can place a new bet before each new card is dealt. But you have to be fast as new cards are dealt every 12 seconds. 

This is how you play Speedy 7. 

Step 1: Pick a colour you think will be dealt next

How to play Speedy 7 step 1

Choose if the card will be red or black. Then enter how much you want to bet.

The odds change with each new hand dealt. You will see the odds displayed next to each colour when you bet.

Step 2: Check if you win

How to play Speedy 7 step 2

If you guess right, you win. You can then decide whether you want to cash out your winnings or carry over your bet.

Step 3: Repeat

The process continues after the end of each hand. You simply choose another colour and bet.

You don’t have to bet on the first card dealt by the dealer. The game allows you to join at any point. However, it is advisable to start from the first card, if you want to carry over your winnings.

You can also check the video below to learn how to play Speedy 7:

Speedy 7 Bonuses

There are bonuses available for players who carry over their winnings and bet more than once. If you make 4 successive wins, you are qualified for a bonus round. However, if you lose any out of the 4 bets, your previous wins are wiped out.

You can also continue playing until the 7th bet. If you guess the right colour for all seven cards, you will be awarded 14 times your initial stake.

In addition, if a royal flush or straight flush is dealt, you are entitled to more bonuses.


The first betting session has a payout of about 1.90 and the RTP stands around 85%. But as the game continues, the RTP shifts after each dealing.


Since Speedy 7 has just two outcomes (red or black), each guess is basically 50/50. You can apply the Martingale strategy, that is, doubling your bet for the next round if you lose.

Also, if you want to win big, look out for the bonuses. This means you will have to go for the 4 or 7 rounds. Then, you must start betting from the first card to qualify.