Play Online Teen Patti for Real Money

Looking to play Online Teen Patti with real money? In this guide I will tell you how and where you can Teen Patti for real money. I have listed the best Teen Patti casinos in India and provided a complete how to play guide.

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Online Teen Patti

What is Online Teen Patti?

Teen Patti, also known as 3 Cards Poker, 3 Cards Patti or Flash, is an Indian poker-style card game that is played with 3 cards. In fact, it is the most popular card game in India. The game is inspired by a British game with the name “Three Card Brag”. 

Teen Patti is a game of medium chance. While luck will, most of the time, determine the outcome of the game there are also some elements of skill involved. For example, in order to win you need to analyze and understand each player’s move. Likewise you can also count the card, if you are that smart. 

There are two main versions of Teen Patti. One variation is played offline (with friends or in gambling halls) and another variation is played online (via browser or in an app). The main difference between them two is that Online Teen Patti is legal in India. Regular Teen Patti is not. In this guide, I will only talk about Online Teen Patti. 

Where Can I Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money?

You can play Teen Patti Online by visiting any online casino that offers Teen Patti and play the game directly on your browser. Alternatively you can play the game by downloading an app on your mobile device. 

Visit an online casino that offers Teen Patti

You can play Teen Patti for real money by visiting one of our recommended casinos below:


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How to start playing Teen Patti in an online casino

  1. Choose an online casino from our list of recommended online casinos.
  2. Sign-up and register an account (if you haven’t done so yet). If you are a rookie you can claim a juicy casino bonus
  3. Visit the section “casino games” and click on “Teen Patti”. Or use the search function to find the game.
  4. Click on “play for real” to play with real money.  

Download a Teen Patti App

You can download a casino app that offers Online Teen Patti and play the game on any mobile device that supports iOS or Android. 10Cric and JeetWin are two great examples of Indian online casinos that offer casino apps and where you can Teen Patti. You can download their apps directly from their website. 

When you play Teen Patti with an app, the difference is that you play the game on your mobile device instead of in a browser. Everything else is pretty much the same. 

How to download and start playing on an app

  1. Choose an online casinos that offers a Teen Patti app. We recommend 10Cric or JeetWin. 
  2. Go to the section called “mobile” or click on the icon in the footer: “Android” or “iOS”. 
  3. Click on the button “download” and install the app.
  4. Find the game “Teen Patti” and start playing.

How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is played with 3-6 players and with 52 cards (no joker cards). To win the game you need to have a better hand than your opponents. You can find a list of best hands in the section “ranking of hands” below.  

So let’s get into details on how to actually play Teen Patti.

The Table

Teen Patti Table
This is how an Online Teen Patti Table looks like

The layout of the Teen Patti table is very similar to Blackjack. The table is semi-circular shaped. The dealer sits on one side in the mid-center of the table and the players sit on the opposite side of the table, facing the dealer. 

On the right side of the dealer is the card holder and on the left is the section for discarded cards. 

In the middle of the table, you’ll find a pair of 3 cards, which is placed by the dealers. In front of each player you will find 3 cards each, faced down. Of course, when you play online you can see your own cards as faced up. 

Teen Patti Rules

To easier understand the rules of Teen Patti, I have compiled a list of how the game is player in order:

  • The dealer deals out three cards that are faced down in an anti-clockwise way. Meaning from right to left.
  • Before you can start playing the first round of Teen Patti, you and all other players must place a “boot amount”. A “boot amount” is the minimum money bet you must place in the middle of the table. This amount is agreed before starting the game. 
  • Now it’s time to place a bet. You can place your bet before you see your cards, this is called “play blind”. You can also place your bet after you have seen your cards, this is called “play Chaal”.
  • If you want, you can also choose to fold your cards. If all other players fold, except for one player, he or she will win the pot.
  • When there are only two players remaining in the game round, these players will play with open cards. 
  • To win each round, you must have a better hand than your opponent. If you win, you become the dealer in the next round. If you lose, one of your opponents becomes the dealer in the next round.

Game Start

The dealer gives you and every other player in the round three cards. Each card is dealt in an anti-clockwise way. Meaning from left to right. 

Before you can start playing the first round, you and all other players in the round must place a boot amount. 

The player who is seated next to the dealer (clockwise direction) starts the game by making his bet. 

Teen Patti Betting

Teen Patti includes different types of bets, which you and other players can make in every game round. Below, you will find an explanation for each and every bet type you can make Teen Patti.

Ante (entry fee)

“Ante” means an entry fee. This is the minimum bet every player must place in the pot before joining each round. The Ante varies in different tables. Some tables, such as unlimited Teen Patti, required a high Ante, whereas other tables require a low Ante. 

The main reason Ante is applied is to make sure that player that folds every round will lose money. If Ante was not applied players could keep folding until they have a good hand. In that way, Ante discourages extremely tight play. Also, the pot size increases and the game becomes more interesting. 


A “post” is when you leave the table temporarily. For example, if you are going to the bathroom or picking up your home-delivered pizza. 

If you temporarily leave the table and miss the Ante you must place a mandatory bet in order to take part in the game again. The bet you must place equals the Ante in that round.

However, if you have already placed an Ante, leave the table and come back in the same round, you do not have to replace an Ante. 

The main reason a post is applied is to avoid players taking up seats and purposely avoiding the Ante. 


A blind is a bet that must be made by every player before a deal. The most common type of game round is played with 2 blinds. This means that the player next to the dealer puts a blind, which is called a small blind. A small blind is half of the amount of a standard bet. 

Thereafter, the next player makes a bet that has the same size as the main bet in the game, which is called the big blind.

It’s important to note that the blind must be placed in even amounts (2,4,6,8…). 

Call and raise

Every bet in a Teen Patti round can be split into two parts. The first part is called the call. The second part is called the raise. Both call and raise can be called as “Chaal”.

When you place a bet you can either make a bet, which is equal to the same amount as the previous player made. Or you can choose to increase the betting amount, known as a raise. If you have made a raise, all other players, who wish to bet in that round, must place a bet that is equal or higher than your bet. 

Teen Patti Limits

When you play Teen Patti, there are certain limits that you need to follow, even if you can bet or raise freely during each game round. Below we will explain the most common limits in Teen Patti.


Fixed limit Teen Patti means that the maximum amount you can bet is equal to the amount of the current bet in a game round. You can only raise your bet up to the current call amount in the game round. 


Spread means that a player can be any amount up to a maximum bet amount in a game round. For example, if a Teen Patti round has a spread limit of ₹2000, then each player can call a maximum of ₹2000 or raise to a maximum of ₹2000.


No limit means that a player can freely bet any limits in the game round. The player can also raise any limit in a play round.

Teen Patti Moves

There are several moves that can be made when playing Teen Patti. Here we explain some common moves.

Playing Blind

When you “play blind” it means that you have not seen your cards before making you first bet. When you play blind, you need to place at least the same amount as the current bet. You can also, if you want, make a bet that is two times bigger than the current amount in the pot of the center of the table.

Play Chaal 

When you “play Chaal”, also known as “seen player” you choose to see your cards before you make your first bet. If you play Chaal you must make a bet that is either 2 or 4 times the size of the current bet amount in the game.

The Show

The Show is the very end of a Teen Patti round and will determine who will win the round. In this scenario there are only two players left. Both players must show their cards and the best hand wins. 

The rules for the Show differs depending on if each player is a Blind player or a Chaal player:

  • If one player is playing Chaal and another player is playing Blind. The Chaal player can ask for a Show for four times the current bet. 
  • If both players are Chaal players. One of the players can ask for a Show for two times the current bet. 
  • A blind player cannot ask for a Show

Sideshow and Compromise

“Compromise” is something that can be made when every player is acting as a “seen player”. In this case, one of the players gets an opportunity to make a bet that is two times higher than the current bet amount.

You can make a compromise with previous players who have placed a bet before you. 

In this scenario, the “Compromise “ can only be done if the other players in the game accept it. If the “compromise” is accepted by the other players in the same round, each player must show their cards to each other. 

The player who has the lowest ranking cards must fold. If both players have cards with the same ranking, the player who made the “compromise” must fold his or her cards.  

On the other hand, if the players in the game do not accept the “compromise”, then the game round will continue as normal. 


A “Tie”  happens when all players in the game deny showing their cards. In this case, the pot will be shared between all players in the gamer round. 


If you think that you have a hand that is not good enough, you can fold your hand. When you fold, you are quitting the game around. 

Teen Patti Ranking of Hands

Check the list below to see the ranking of hands in Teen Patti, from highest to lowest: 

  • Trio –  A trio is 3 cards that are in the same rank. 3 Aces is the highest. 3 twos are the lowest
  • Straight Flush –  A straight flush is when 3 cards are placed in the same order of suits. The highest straight run is A-2-3. The lowest straight run is the following ranking: 4,3,2.
  • Straight – A straight is when 3 cards are in a row but in different suits. The highest-ranking is: A,2, 3. The lowest ranking is 4,3,2.
  • Flush – A Flush is 3 cards with the same suit. Example ♠Q, ♠J, ♠9.
  • Pair – A pair is 2 cards that are in a similar rank. The lowest pair is 2-2-3 and the highest is A-A-K.
  • High Card – The high card ranking is used if you have 3 different cards and neither of the combinations above. Then the highest card is the one that counts.
Teen Patti Ranking of Hands
Here you can see the ranking of hands, from highest to lowest


Below, you’ll find a chart of probabilities that applies if you hold a certain hand. The probability and frequency is how likely you are to get the hand. The odds are how likely you are to win. 

Straight Flush459.52480.22%
High Card0.34:11644074.39%

Strategies to Win in Teen Patti

Increase your chances to win in Teen Patti by applying one or several or the strategies below.

Know when to bluff

If you learn to bluff, you can have weak hands and win over players who have better hands than you. You can bluff at any time in the game. 

For example, if you place small bets often and then a big bet, you can make the other players think that you have a strong hand. This means that they can fold their strong hands. 

Bluffing is very different when you play Teen Patti Online. Since the players cannot see you you cannot use your body language to bluff. Instead you have to bluff using your betting skills. 

Start with low-value bets to lower your risk

When you just have started to play Teen Patti, you should make small bets in every round. This will reduce your risk of losing and keep you in the game for longer.

You can raise your bets gradually in every round. But always increase in small sizes. By doing this, you get time to evaluate the other players’ games and also your own. 

Place a big bet at the start to encourage people to fold

When you start the game, a good way is to start by placing big bets right from the start. This will fool other players into thinking that you have a strong hand. This will also avoid the pot money to increase too much, making the round too interesting for other players to stay.

Play blind to boost the pot

When you “play Blind”, you will reduce your risk of losing your bets. Play Blind simply allows you to bet smaller sizes and lose less. Not only that, but you can also increase your chance to win. Players who are not playing blind are more likely to fold because they tend to have weaker hands. 

Fold when you have a bad hand

When you get a bad hand and you don’t want to bluff you should fold your cards. In that way you avoid losing more money. However, avoid folding every round as you still need to place an Ante in every round.  

Is it Legal to Play Teen Patti in India?

Yes and no. It is legal to play Teen Patti Online (in an online casino) in India, but it’s illegal to play Teen Patti in a land-based casino in India. 

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867 only games of skill are legal to play with money. Currently Teen Patti is classified as a game of chance, just like Andar Bahar. So it’s illegal to play Teen Patti for money in an establishment located inside of Indian territory. 

However, since online casinos are located outside India there are no laws that prevent you from playing Online Teen Patti. This means that there are no fines involved if you happen to play and win money when you play Teen Patti online.

Teen Patti Terminologies

  • Pot – is a collection of money that is placed in the center of the table. When a player wins the game, he or she wins the full amount in the pot.
  • Ante – before you can participate in each round you must place a minimum bet, known as Ante. 
  • Chaal – is when you see your cards before placing a bet
  • Blind – is when you choose not to see your cards before placing a bet. 
  • Sideshow – you can ask for a sideshow if you and all other players have seen your cards. If agreed all players must show their cards and the best hand wins. 
  • Fixed limit – a fixed limit means that you can only make bets to a specific pre-decided limit.
  • Spread limit – a spread limit means that you can increase your bet to an agreed maximum amount for that specific game round. 
  • Fold – is when you decide to throw your cards and quite the round. 

Teen Patti Variations

There are many different variations to Online Teen Patti, even if they are very similar to each other. Below, I have explained the most common Teen Patti variations. 


There can be 2 joker cards in Teen Patti. Both of these 2 cards can be used as wild cards.

Best of Four  

Best of Four uses 4 cards instead of 3. All other rules are the same


Aces, Kings,4s and 7s are wild cards. This game is played with 2-10 players.

Mufliss (Lowball)

Mufliss is when the ranking of the cards are reversed. In this game the lowest, instead of the highest hand, wins. 

Wild Draw 

A wild Draw means that the dealer, after dealing the cards, draw a random card from the remaining deck of cards. Every card of the same rank will be a wild card. 

Two-lowest Wild 

In this game every player plays with 4 cards, instead of 3. The 2 lowest cards in any hand are considered wild cards. 

High Wild

A high wild means that the 2 highest-ranking cards in a hand becomes wild cards.

Bust Card Draw

This means that a dealer draws a random card from the deck of cards. Any player who has the random card has to fold their cards.


Stud is when a player receives a combination of cards that are face down and face up. 


Community means that a player is dealt a hand with incomplete face down cards. As well as a random amount of ace up community cards which are placed on the center of the table. 


A draw is when a player gets a complete hand of cards. The players are allowed to discard any card and get new cards from the dealer.


Cobra means that every player is dealt 1 card. Then each player puts a bet amount in the pot that is pre-decided. 

After that, each player puts his or her cards on their foreheads without looking at the cards.  You can look at the cards from other players, but you can not look at your own cards. You then decide if you want to play if you think you are the player with the highest card. 

Kaana King and Jack

You and all other players get 3 or 4 cards. Any kings or jacks that have a side profile and only one eye visible are a Wild card. Example: Kind of Diamonds, Jack of Spades.


This means that every player gets 5 cards. You can then select 3 wild joker cards from any of your 5 cards. 

Kiss is cards in a row according to numbers, example A,2 or J,Q. Miss is a pair of hands that is left to create a row of cards, example A,3 or 8,10. Bliss is when 2 cards have the same numbers, e.g A,A or 4,4

High-low Split

A high low split means that a pot is split between players who have the best high hand and the player with the low hand.

Play Online Teen Patti Live or Virtual

You can play online teen Patti in two different ways, either by playing live Teen Patti or Video Teen Patti. Below, I have explained each version:

Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti is a variation with a real-life casino dealer who is broadcasted in a studio via live stream with a 4K or HD camera. The dealer shuffles the cards and you can press buttons if you want to play Chaal or play Blind and place your bet. You can also press buttons to fold, call or raise.

Just like in a real casino you can talk with the dealer and all other players. It’s basically like being inside a casino.

Video Teen Patti

Video Teen Patti is a variation where the game is either made in 2d or 3d. This version of Teen Patti is built with algorithms to ensure that every deal and action in the game is fair and honest.


💎 Can I play Online Teen Patti for Free?

Yes, you can play Teen Patti for free on all online casinos listed in this guide. 

💎 Is Teen Patti a Game of Skill or a Game of Chance?

According to the Supreme Court, Teen Patti is considered a game of chance. 

💎 Which is the Best Hand in Teen Patti?

The highest hand ranking in Teen Patti is the Trio. A trio is when you get 3 cards in the same rank.

💎 Is Online Teen Patti Rigged?

No, Teen Patti games include an algorithm that ensures that every deal is honest and fair.

💎 Which is the Best Site to play Teen Patti for Real Money?

We recommend ShowLion as the best site to play Online Teen Patti. You can find more great casinos in this guide.

💎 Can I Cheat when I Play Teen Patti Online?

No you cannot. Online Teen Patti is built with an algorithm that makes sure that every deal and action is fair and honest.