Teen Patti Online

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about playing teen patti online for real money. We list Indian online casinos offering teen patti, bonuses and strategies on how to play.

Best Sites in India to Play Teen Patti Online For Real Money

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What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti, sometimes called Flash, is a fun, favourite adored by players from India and Southeast Asia. An entertaining card game which is based on 3-card Poker and is very similar to 3-card Brag. It can be played with two people, but is typically played with 3 to 6 players for an added thrill. A standard 52-card pack with the two jokers removed is used.

How To Play Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti is easy to play, but to be successful, you will need to understand the ranking of hands. Before the game starts, the ‘boot’ amount is collected from players, which is the agreed minimum stake. This money is placed in the centre of the table and will grow as the game proceeds. The dealer is selected randomly, and the cards are dealt clockwise, with each player receiving 3 cards.

Online Teen Patti

All players can either look at their cards and play seen or leave them face down and play blind. If you choose to play blind, you can opt to view your cards at any point during the game. The wager amount always depends on if you are playing seen or blind and also the bet placed by the last player. As the amount of ‘boot’ money grows, it is eventually won by the player who can stay in the Teen Patti game the longest and has the highest-ranking hand. 

Ranking Of Hands

The overall objective of Teen Patti is to not only have the best hand but to maximise the amount in the pot before the game is completed by bluffing. Ranking of the card hands from highest to lowest is:

  • Trail or Set – 3 of the same cards, with the highest combination being Aces.
  • Pakki Round – a straight flush, for example, A-K-Q of the same suit. 
  • Straight Sequence, – a run of 3 consecutive cards, which do not need to be in the same suit. 
  • Colour – a flush of 3 cards in the same suit, with the highest card winning in the case of a draw.
  • Double – a pair of 2 cards of the same rank. In case of a draw, the highest-ranking 3rd card will denote the winner.
  • High card – when neither the dealer nor player has a pair, then the hand with the highest card wins.

Teen Patti Moves

There are 5 distinct game moves in the classic game, although some of them may not apply to variations of the Teen Patti online games:

How To Play Online Teen Patti

Playing Blind

When you are playing blind, you will be betting on predicting the strength of your hand against the other players. You are betting less and hoping to stay longer in the game, so it can be a good option to play blind if you sense that those players who have seen, have a weak hand and might fold. You can choose to see your cards whenever you want and place a further bet. 

Chaal Play

Any seen player can elect to play Chaal, which means continuing to play and bet the required amount. You will continue betting either because you have confidence in your own strong hand or because you are trying to bluff other players into folding.

Side Show

A seen player can also ask for a Side Show which allows you to compare your own cards with the previous player, who must also be a seeing player. They can accept or decline your request, and you will have to wager twice the current stake. If your request is accepted and the player beats your hand of cards, then you must pack/fold. 


If all the players decline to show their hands, then it is considered a tie and the pot is shared equally between the remaining players. 


You can choose to pack at any point in the game if you believe that your hand is weaker than your competitors. You will forfeit the money that you have put in the pot, but you will cut your losses and preserve your budget for the next game. 

Play Teen Patti Online For Free

Teen Patti is undoubtedly one of India’s most popular casino games and has become highly popular online. It requires an amount of strategy and skill, especially the ability to bluff, which can then become a lethal combination. 

There are not many websites where you can play Teen Patti for real money but check out our list for the best Indian sites around, like Dafabet and ShowLion. You can also play for free and hone your skills, with numerous free variations of Teen Patti to keep your gaming sessions fresh. You can, for example, download Teen Patti Gold on App store or Google Play and play Teen Patti for free with your friends.

Play Teen Patti Gold


The probability of winning Teen Patti will depend on your chosen variation. However, there are some probabilities for the standard 52-card game. In versions that retain the Joker, these will vary widely, particularly for pairs.

  • High Card (no pair) – 74.39%
  • Double (pair) – 16.94%
  • Colour (flush) – 4.96%
  • Straight Sequence (run) – 3.26%
  • Pakki Round (straight flush) – 0.22%
  • Trail or Set (3 of a kind) – 0.24%


What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a highly popular Indian variation of the traditional game of 3-card Poker.

Where can I download Teen Patti online?

You can play Teen Patti at selected online casinos like Dafabet. 

How can I get free chips in Teen Patti?

You can play Teen Patti online for free at our recommended casinos. Teen Patti also usually gives free chips for beginners and more experienced players, so take advantage of them!

How can I hack Teen Patti?

You can’t hack Teen Patti, although you may see many scams claiming this on the internet. 

Can I cheat on Teen Patti?

No, you can’t, and it’s good to play with no cheating. Teen Patti is a game of strategy, skill, bluff and luck combined.


Teen Patti is an immersive and intriguing card game, and now Indian players can enjoy the thrill online too. Although it’s easy to play, be prepared, and make sure that you understand the game and the hand ranking to be sure to get the maximum from your playing time. Whether you choose to play for real money or fun, you will really want to win!