Teen Patti Sequence

When you play Teen Patti, you are handed three cards. To win you need to have the best hand. In this article, you’ll find all Teen Patti sequences, also known as Teen Patti hands that applies, ranked from highest to lowest.

3 Patti Sequence list

Straight Flush

sequence straight flush

This is a selection of three consecutive cards, all of the same suit. The highest straight flush sequence is A-K-Q while the lowest is 4-3-2. 


sequence trio

If all three cards have the same card number, you have a Trio. The highest Trio is 3 Aces, and the lowest is 3 twos.


sequence straight

Also known as a normal run, the straight sequence is 3 consecutive cards of different suits. The highest straight sequence is A-K-Q while the lowest is 4-3-2 like the straight flush. 


sequence color

Flush or color is a selection of three cards with the same color. The cards do not have to be consecutive. If two hands get a color sequence, the highest-value card determines the winner. 


sequence pair

If two of your three cards are of the same rank, you have a pair. The lowest pair you can have is 2-2-3 while the highest pair is A-A-K.

High Cards

sequence high card

If your three cards do not form any of the combinations above, the highest card determines the winner. 

Which is the Highest Sequence in 3 Patti?

The highest sequence is Straight Flush, which happens when you get three cards with the same suit, placed in sequent. The best Straight Flush is A-K-Q.

Who Wins if Two Players Have the Same Sequence?

If two players have the same sequence, the player with the highest card wins. 

Example: Assume both players have J-J-4 vs JJ-8. Both players have a pair. In this case J-J-8 wins as 8 is higher than 4.