Wheel of Fortune

This guide contains everything you need to know about playing Wheel of Fortunes from Bet Games TV. Keep reading to learn how to play Wheel of Fortune and where to play.

Where to Play Wheel of Fortune

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How to Play Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is played with a wheel, consisting of 19 sectors. To play, simply place a bet on the sector you think the pointer will land on. Each spin takes place every two minutes.

This is how it’s played:

Step 1: Place your bet

How to play Wheel of Fortune step 1

You are given 90 seconds to choose a sector to bet on. The game will show you all the various bets, including payouts and your possible win.

Simply click on the bet option you want to go for. The game allows you to place as many bets as you want. You can read more about the betting options further down this article.

Step 2: Live host spins the Wheel of Fortune

How to play Wheel of Fortune step 2

After placing your bet, the live host spins the wheel. Wait and watch and hope that the pointer lands on the segment or number you bet on.

If it lands on your chosen bet, you win the spin. Payouts are made instantly if you win.

Betting Options & Payout

Wheel of Fortune has 19 sectors to bet on. These segments are divided into 3 colours: red, black, and grey sectors.

Each segment is labelled with a number between 1 to 18. 

There is also an additional segment without a number. It is called the bonus segment and it has a cup symbol.


You can either bet on the face number or the range of numbers you think the pointer will land on.

Number betPayout
Selected number (1-18)18:00
Any number between 1 to 63:00
Any number between 7 to 123:00
Any number between 13 to 183:00
Any number less than 9.52:00
Any number more than 9.52:00


You can bet on what colour segment the pointer will land on.

Colour betPayout


Here, you bet if the pointer will land on an even or odd number

Even/odd betPayout
Odd number2:00
Even number2:00
Even number inside grey sector6:00
Odd number inside grey sector6:00
Even number inside red sector6:00
Odd number inside red sector6:00
Even number inside black sector6:00
Odd number inside black segment6:00

Wheel of Fortune Strategy

Go for 50/50 betting options

There are plenty of 50/50 betting options available when you play Wheel of Fortune. These include all the even/odds bets and the numbers less or more than 9.5.

These 50/50 bets allow you to use the Martingale strategy. That is, you double your bets every time you lose. This way, you may eventually recover your losses and make a little profit.


What is the RTP of Wheel of Fortune?

The RTP of Wheel of Fortune is 95%.

Can I Play Wheel of Fortune for Free?

Yes, you can.

Is Wheel of Fortune Fair?

Yes, the game uses RNG. The provider, Betgames.TV also holds a UKGC license. This ensures that all casino games from this provider are fair.

What is the Maximum Win?

18x your stake.