Bet Games TV

Bet Games TV is a live casino provider which is fast growing in popularity in the online gambling industry. It offers a variety of casino games including dice games, wheel games, and card games. Bet Games TV products are high-quality and they deliver the real-life casino experience to you.

In this guide, you will discover games provided by Bet Games TV and also find online casinos that offer them in India.

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Bet Games TV

Games Offered by Bet Games TV

Bet Games TV offers a unique selection of 11 casino games. These include games played with cards, wheels, dice, and even lottery-styled games. We have described some of their popular games below

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissor Bet Games TV

Rock Paper Scissors is an innovative game based on the traditional  game. However, this version is played with a deck of 24 cards. The 24 cards are of three groups, each containing eight. Each group of eight cards denote a symbol (either rock, paper, or scissors).

A table with two sides is used to play the game. One side is gold and the other is silver. You have to bet on any of these sides or both. Then you click on a symbol which you think will be better than the card dealt to that side.

After you place your bet, the dealer deals to the silver side first and then the gold side. If the symbol you chose is better than that of the card dealt on the side you bet on, you win the round.

Bet on Baccarat

This game is based on the classic online Baccarat game but offers multiple betting rounds. The first betting session is before the cards are revealed while the second follows after the player gets the first card. The third betting round occurs when the Banker is dealt a card.

There are also side bets available to play. These include the Banker/Player Pair, Perfect Pair, Either Pair and Big and Small. You can also bet on colour, suits, or the total of banker’s/player’s points.

There are many useful in-game features such as adjustable video quality and sound. It also allows you to see the overview of side bets (results and odds).

Dice Duel

Dice Duel by Bet Games TV is played with 2 dice, one red and one blue. The dealer places these dice in a container, shuffles them, and rolls them onto a table. Before that happens, players will have to bet on the outcome of the roll.

Dice Duel is a fast-paced game that offers you up to 36 possible outcomes to bet on. These outcomes are based on number/colour combinations.

War of Bets

War of Bets is currently offered by Bet Games TV only. It features two sides, the Dealer and the Player. It follows simple gameplay where the winner is determined by who has the higher card. If both sides have the same card value, it’s called a “war”.

The first betting section occurs before the cards are dealt. After the player is dealt a card, the odds are updated and the second betting session takes place. You can bet on the Player to win, the Dealer to win, or War. You can also bet on the colour, suit, or value of either hand.

The game is quite similar to Baccarat, except that each side receives only one card.

Speedy 7

Speedy7 Bet Games TV

As the name suggests, this is another fast-paced game by Bet Games Tv. It is placed with 6 standard card decks. The dealer pulls out seven cards from and the deck is placed in a shuffler. The freshly shuffled cards are used for the game.

In Speedy 7, you place a bet on what colour of card the dealer will draw from the deck. You simply bet on a colour and wait for the outcome of the draw. The dealer draws out seven cards, one in every 15 seconds. The whole process takes 40 seconds.

Speedy 7 offers two jackpot features. You are paid these jackpots if the seven cards drawn form a royal flush or a straight flush. To get the jackpot, you must bet from the first card to the seventh.  

About Bet Games TV

Established in 2012, Bet Games TV is a unique live dealer games supplier based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its games are streamed from studios in Malta and Lithuania to over 40 countries of the world. The company currently has about 100 employees.

It partners with several other casino game providers and operators all over the world. These include top names like Microgaming.

Bet Games TV is licensed and regulated by the UKGC, MGA, and Curacao eGaming Authority.