Monopoly Live – How to Play and Strategy

Monopoly Live is created by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Hasbro. It incorporates the excitement of live casino gaming and beautiful Monopoly game elements.

Monopoly Live involves a Vegas-style prize wheel which is spun by a live presenter. It offers interesting gameplay and also features an opportunity to make massive multiplier wins.

In this guide we show you how to play Monopoly Live and the best strategies to win. We also list the best online casinos in India to play Monopoly Live.

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Monopoly Live

How to Play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is easy to play. You place your chips on the numbers on which you think the wheel will stop. The presenter spins the wheel and if your prediction is correct, you will win a prize. The segments or numbers are 1, 2, 5, 10, ‘2 ROLLS, ‘4 ROLLS and Chance.

Check below for the payouts awarded for each betting space:

  • 1: 1 x your bet
  • 2: 2 x your bet
  • 5: 5 x your bet
  • 10: 10 x your bet
  • 2 rolls: Bonus game
  • 4 rolls: Bonus game

There are two additional “Chance” segments on the wheel that you can’t bet on. When the wheel stops at “Chance”, you get a cash prize or a multiplier. If it gives a multiplier, the wheel spins again to determine the betting space. Landing on another chance boosts the multiplier or increases the cash prize.

How to play Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming

If you want the bonus game, you will have to bet on either “2 rolls” or “4 rolls”. There are two of each. If the wheel stops on your betting space, the 3D bonus game begins. Mr. Moneybags will move around the board to collect multiplier prizes. A two-dice roll will be done to determine the number of times Mr. Moneybags will move.

Monopoly Live Segments & Statistics

The following table covers the segments available and how much they pay.

SegmentNo. of segmentsProbabilityPayout
Chance21.86%Multiplier/ Cash Prize
2 Rolls35.55%Bonus game
4 Rolls11.86%Bonus game

Key takeaways:

  • Segment 1 offers the highest probability. That is, it is the most possible outcome
  • Segment 10 offers high payout but has high volatility (It is rare to hit it)
  • 1 out of every 9 spins should result in either Chance, 2 Rolls, or 4 Rolls
  • 1 out of every 13 spins should result in a bonus game
  • You should not place your main bet on 4 rolls as it has the lowest probability.
  • You have a 68% chance of landing the wheel on 1 or 2 on each spin.

Monopoly Live Strategy

After taking a look at the odds in Monopoly Live, the best strategy will be to focus on the volatility. The targets should be 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, or “Chance” but you can’t bet on them alone. What you should do is find a way to make landing them easier and less expensive.

This strategy is based on the probability of landing one of the extra features which is 1 out of 9. For instance, your total budget could be Rs. 1000 and you decide to bet Rs. 10 per spin. Here is the best way to go about betting in terms of volatility.

  • Very low volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 1.50), 4 Rolls (Rs. 1.50), Segment 2 (Rs. 4.00), and Segment 1 (Rs. 3.00)
  • Low Volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 2.00), 4 Rolls (Rs. 2.00), Segment 1 (Rs. 3.00), and segment 2 (Rs. 3.00)
  • Medium Volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 3.00), 4 Rolls (Rs. 2.00), 5 Section (Rs.2.00), and 2 Section (Rs. 3.00)
  • Medium – High Volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 4.00), 4 Rolls (Rs. 4.00), 10 Section (Rs. 1.00), 2 Section (Rs. 1.00)
  • High Volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 5.00), 4 Rolls (Rs. 3.00), 10 sections (Rs. 2.00)
  • Very High Volatility – 2 Rolls (Rs. 5.00), 4 Rolls (Rs. 5.00)

If you are willing to reduce the bets on the rolls, you will be able to reduce volatility. But if you are not willing to reduce the bets on the rolls, you have to play with higher volatility.

Monopoly Live Tips

Always wager on the 2 or 4 wheel segment

Whenever you wager on the 2 rolls or 4 rolls segment, you stand a chance of triggering the bonus game. Even though the probability of landing them is little, wagering always on them you will increase your chances.

Place smaller bets on the 5 or 10 wheel segments

You have only about 20% probability of landing wins from the 5 or 10 wheel segments. Since the probability of hitting them is low, placing smaller bets on them will reduce loss. If you place larger bets, you may lose more money.

Don’t place bets based on previous wins

If you made a win with a strategy does not mean it will always hit. Remember, the game is based on luck. You don’t have to place bets on previous wins or repeat moves as your chances of winning are not affected.

Use casino bonuses

Casino bonuses can help give you more money to wager with. Take advantage of them to play casino games and it could increase your chances of hitting a big prize. However, you should take note of the wagering requirement and other conditions.


Is Monopoly Live Rigged?

No, Monopoly Live is not rigged. The software provider, Evolution Gaming, is a well-respected gaming developer and is licensed by UKGC. The results of the game are always random and fair.

How Much Can I Win on Monopoly Live?

You can win up to 10x your bet but you can make much more with the bonus features.

Which is the Best Casino to Play Monopoly Live?

We recommend Casino Days. However, Monopoly Live is available at many casinos that offer games from Evolution Gaming. 

Which is the Best Strategy in Monopoly Live?

Taking advantage of the low volatility bets is a good strategy. However, Monopoly Live is a game of chance and a strategy can only improve your chances. No strategy guarantees huge wins.