Guide to Online Jackpot Games in India

Looking for online jackpots? In this guide we have listed the best online jackpot casinos in India and explained all types of jackpot games you can play.

Best Online Jackpot Casinos

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What are Online Jackpots?

An online jackpots are casino games with the highest prize pots. The prize pot increases every time someone plays the game but does not win. A portion of the bet is placed in the pot. When someone wins he or she wins the whole prize pot. 

Jackpot games are often linked together over all casinos that offer a specific game. In that way the prize grows quicker and bigger as there are more people who do not win. 

Games such as slot machines, video poker and online lottery offers jackpot versions. Some jackpot games even offer prize pots worth millions of dollars. 

Type of Jackpots

Fixed Jackpots

Also known as “cashpot”, fixed jackpots are usually slot machines with a certain amount as the jackpot. That is, the highest amount players can win is fixed and cannot be increased or decreased. For example, a fixed Jackpot could have the jackpot as 500,000 coins or 100 times the wager. Regardless of how high the bet you place is, you cannot win beyond 500,000 coins or 100 times your bet – in that case.

With fixed jackpots, you can win and cash out the highest amount (the jackpot) twice in a row. Fixed jackpots offer more consistent odds of winning and involve less fluctuation. That is, the probability of winning is higher and the risk of losing is somewhat lesser.

Fixed jackpots results are mostly controlled by the RNG system and are random. You need luck to win on fixed jackpots. 

Progressive Jackpots

Unlike fixed jackpots, the maximum amount you can win with progressive jackpots increases with every spin. The total prize continues to increase until all winning conditions are met by a player and the prize is claimed. After this, the jackpot starts all over again. As long as no one meets the winning condition, the prize keeps increasing and this makes it so exciting.

Progressive jackpots have no limits, the winnings can be huge. Many players around the world have been made mega-millionaires by winning on progressive jackpots. However, the frequency of winning progressive jackpots is lesser. Sometimes, the jackpots run for about three to six months with no one winning the jackpot.

There are also stricter conditions for winning progressive jackpots. Players have to stake the maximum number of coins of that particular game to qualify to win the highest amount. The wagering requirements attached to progressive jackpots on casinos are also likely to be stricter.

Standalone Jackpots

Standalone jackpots are simple jackpot games and especially good for beginners. The prizes these jackpots offer are usually low but they can be won more frequently and have lesser requirements.

Players with low amounts of bets can easily enjoy standalone jackpots. It usually has less strict wagering conditions also. Once the jackpot is paid out in a game, the prize becomes available to be won again.

Local-progressive Jackpots

A local progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is linked to different games within a single casino. It is available with slot machines that have only one jackpot that can be won in many other slots.

Each time a member of that casino plays any of the slots, they contribute to the local progressive jackpot. It is eventually won in any of the jackpot slots.

Network Jackpots

Network jackpots are jackpots hosted together by different casinos. There are games from each of the casinos and they pool into that same jackpot. An example is the Mega Moolah slot which is linked over hundreds of online casinos around the world. Whenever you play this game on your casino, you’re competing with players for the same pot on other casinos as well.

You can make huge amounts of money from network jackpots but you have to know the terms before playing. You should check the wagering requirements and limits, and the paytable of the site you choose to play at. Your preferred site may have extra or different rules from other casinos.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

This type of progressive jackpots offers the biggest prizes. They are usually hosted by popular and well-known casinos. Wide area progressive jackpots are linked to numerous machines which could be in different locations. It could be in India, or spread out across many different countries.

These jackpots are very popular among players even though they have low winning odds. This is because it is an opportunity to make millions and it attracts more public interests.

Multiple Jackpots

Multiple jackpots are several jackpots offered in bigger slot games to give players more chances of winning. A particular slot could have a mega jackpot with additional smaller localized pots.

All these jackpots including the mega jackpot are made up of the game players’ wagers. However, the smaller jackpots are usually exclusive to a particular casino or a region. Some casinos break these pots into Mini jackpots, Minor jackpots, Grand Jackpots, Mega Jackpots, etc.

Mystery Jackpots

These jackpots offer chances of winning huge prizes by paying out randomly. Sometimes, it could even pay when you haven’t landed a winning combination.

The machine is usually set up with an initial value. A random point will be chosen between the initial value and the maximum jackpot. Once a player passes that point, it pays the mystery jackpot.

Popular Online Jackpot Games in India

The different types of online jackpot have been explained above. However, there are some jackpot games common among Indian players. You will find them explained below.

Lottery Jackpots

Lottery jackpots are usually very huge when compared to others. This is because the chances of winning them are usually very small. So, the wagers keep accumulating for a long time until it gets to a very huge prize.

The beautiful thing about online lotteries is that you don’t have to strain yourself. All you need to do is choose a set of numbers and watch as the weekly draw matches your numbers. 

Examples of lottery jackpot games are Mega Millions and Powerball with their RTPs standing at 55% and 60% respectively. The Powerball lottery is known for paying the biggest lottery jackpot ever at Rs. 1490 crores.

Slot Jackpots

These are the most common jackpot games you can find on online casinos in India. Slot jackpots offer you the opportunity to get huge cash prizes by just spinning the reels. They are similar to regular slot games, the only difference is the chance of making huge wins. One way to hit the jackpot in slots is by triggering a bonus feature or betting the maximum value.

Examples of slot jackpots include Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods which have RTPs of 89% and 96% respectively. Slot jackpots games have paid a lot of huge prizes to many players around the world. Mega Moolah currently holds the record for the biggest online jackpot payout ever. It paid out 18.9 million Euros to a player in September 2018.

Table Game Jackpots

This type of Jackpots is exciting because it puts the element of skill and luck together. Then, it also offers the opportunity to change your life within the twinkling of an eye. Though they are not as popular as slot jackpots or lottery jackpots, they are still well played in India.

The prizes offered by table games jackpots are also not as high as slot machine jackpots. This is because only a few players play them. Examples are Online Roulette and Online Blackjack.

Bingo Jackpots

Just like slots, you can also win jackpots when you play Bingo games. The chances of winning Bingo games are even higher and they can be triggered easily with strategies. However, they pay the smallest as compared to other kinds of jackpots.

Ninety-percent of Bingo jackpot games are local-progressive jackpots. This means they are usually grown by the bets of the players at a particular bingo site. The odds of winning can also change, depending on the number of players at a particular moment. If you play when there are few players, you stand a higher chance of winning.

Jackpot Games with the Highest Jackpot Payouts

This is a list of jackpot games with the highest payouts ranked from highest to lowest.

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Mega Fortune
  3. Major Millions
  4. Hall of Gods
  5. Arabian Nights
  6. Cleopatra’s Gold
  7. Aztecs Millions
  8. Jackpot Pinatas
  9. Powerball lottery

How to Play Jackpot Games Online

  1. Sign-up on an online casino that offers jackpot games. Just make sure it is a licensed and trustworthy casino.
  2. Make your deposit and claim your welcome bonus
  3. Choose your preferred Jackpot game. 
  4. Start playing the game
  5. Cash-out your winnings (should you be lucky to win)

How to Win on Jackpots

Play when the jackpot size is big

It would be difficult to hit a huge prize when the jackpot has not yet grown enough. After the jackpot is hit by any player, give it some time to grow before you start playing.

As more players continue to wager and play, the jackpot size increases. When you wait until it is big enough you would have a higher chance of winning a huge prize.

Play with a positive expected value

Expected value is a measure of what you can win or lose on each bet you place. Let’s assume winning odds of a jackpot could be 1/1,000,000 and you have to bet 1 INR per spin. We consider two cases, one which the jackpot value is 700,000 INR and the other a jackpot value 10,000,000 INR. 

The first case is a negative expected value as you would probably win less than you wager. In the second case, it’s possible to win 10 million once within a total wager of 1 million. This second case is a positive expected value. It is very rare to find such cases, but they do happen.

How to Cash Out a Jackpot Win

The way to cash out your online jackpot win mostly depends on the jackpot game and the software operator. But sometimes, it could be the casino’s responsibility instead of the software’s operator. This happens especially when it is a local jackpot.

  1. Method of cashing out differs with different casinos or with different games. Find below a list that gives you a general guide on how to withdraw your winnings.
  2. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have met the terms attached to the jackpot. Many casinos have wagering requirements to meet before you can withdraw.
  3. To cash out your winnings, open your casino’s software and go to the cashier section. It can be “account balance section” on some casinos.
  4. From that section, choose the option to make a withdrawal.
  5. Choose the withdrawal method you like to use. Preferably, choose the same method with which you deposited.
  6. Submit any personal billing information required and click on “Withdraw” or” Submit” to complete the process.
  7. Make sure you pay your taxes. In India, you need to pay 30% tax on all winnings. 

Odds of Winning a Jackpot

The odds of winning depends on the game and the structure of the jackpot. Some jackpot games like Mega Moolah may pay out monthly while others take months to pay.

Sometimes, your chances of winning the jackpot can also be determined by the amount of your bet. In such jackpot games, your chances of winning increases with an increase in your bet. For instance, you may play a game which has a minimum bet of 100 INR. If you play at the minimum bet, the chances of winning could be 1 in 10 crores.

If you increase your bet to 2000 INR in the same game, you would have increased your chances by 20 times. The odds of winning now becomes 1 in 50 lakhs.

Jackpot Winners in India

  • Six salesmen in Kerala: Lottery win of Rs. 12 crore
  • Ashok and Kirti Patel: Lottery win of Rs. 8 crore
  • Mojiful Sheikh: Lottery win of Rs. 1 crore
  • RP Manoharan: 3-time lottery wins of Rs 65 lakh, Rs 79 lakh, Rs 70 lakh
  • Gaur Das: lottery win of Rs. 35 lakh

Play Online Jackpots With Real Money

If you want to make huge wins from Jackpot games, you have to be ready to play with real money. However, there’s no harm in trying any free available jackpot game. It will allow you to learn about the games before putting in real money.

Many real money casinos offer online jackpots for Indian players. We have compiled casino reviews on our website. You can also find the list on the top of this page.


Which is the Most Popular Jackpot Game in India?

There are many popular jackpot games in India. Slots like Major Millions, Mega Moolah, Mega Joker are popular among players in India. Also, lottery games like Mega Millions and Powerball are extremely popular.

What are the Odds Of Winning a Jackpot?

It’s difficult to say. The odds of winning a jackpot is determined by the jackpot game. It can also be influenced by the casino or the developer of that particular game.

Can Any Type of Player Win a Jackpot?

Yes, any player can win a jackpot as long as the requirements of the game are met. However, some games are relatively more suitable for new players. 

Can I Win Jackpots When I Play on Mobile?

Yes, most casinos are optimized for mobile devices. You can play jackpot games available on these casinos and win with your mobile device.

Are There Any Bonuses for Jackpot Games?

This depends mainly on the casino you’re playing at. Sometimes, there might be bonus features, depending on the jackpot game you play.

Which is the Highest Online Jackpot Win of All Times?

The highest online jackpot win is 18.9 million Euros with the Mega Moolah slot.