Online Lottery in India

Have you ever desired to take part in an online lottery that holds the key to earning you some life-changing rewards? Lucky for you. In this guide you can compare legal online lottery sites in India and find the best casino bonuses available.

Best Online Lottery Sites in India

1 Free US Powerball Ticket after purchasing any lottery ticket

Lotto247 is owned and managed by Secure View Services based in Cyprus. It is a site regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission providing a safe and secure environment for Indian players. New players receive a free PowerBall entry. Familiar banking methods are available, and a comprehensive FAQ page will settle most queries, but you can email or request a call back if you prefer.

1 Free US PowerBall Entry

PlayHugeLottos, operated by the Play UK Group was launched in 1988. Bringing the opportunity to play global lotteries all in one place. Alongside the 14 largest world lotteries you can also enjoy a game of Keno or try some of the instant play games and scratchcards. Experienced customer staff speak multiple languages and can assist 24/7 with any of your queries. A bank-level encryption and a CGC licence all contribute to PlayHugeLottos being a safe, secure and reliable casino.

100% up to ₹25,000

22Bet ticks every box you can think of, a comprehensive Sportsbook with live betting, esports and niche bets. A casino with 500+ casino games and 70+ Live casino tables. An astounding 142 payment options and INR payments are accepted, plus you can have the site in Hindi. When you sign up you’ll get a casino bonus of 100% up to INR 25,000. You can also opt for the sportsbooks bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000. Both bonuses needs to be wagered 50x.

No Welcome Bonus

>>19 international lottery games
>>Lowest ticket prices
>>VIP lottery program

International Sites Offering Legal Lottery In India

There are plenty of international lotteries that allow Indian players to take part in their draws. Best of all, it’s 100% legal for Indians to access these sites as the draws occur outside India.

It is, however, important that you do the relevant research and read in-depth casino reviews before choosing on an international lottery site to purchase your tickets. That’s because not all online lotteries are legally run. Some exist for the sole purpose of defrauding unsuspecting players. 

We have listed a few safe and legit Indian online casino sites that offer lottery below:


One of the more popular international lotteries for Indians to take part in is Lotto247. It has been catering to lottery fans globally since its launch in 2004. Lotto247 falls under Secure View Services Ltd, which is the company behind many other successfully run online lottery sites. The owners aim to provide a legal platform for all their players to try out international lotteries on.

More than 10 global lotteries available

The platform is user-friendly, allowing players to find what they’re looking for with ease. There are more than ten global lotteries available on the platform. These include options like MegaMillions, France Loto, and EuroMillions, among others. Players also have the option of indulging in instant casino games like bingo and blackjack, Keno, scratchcards, and even raffles on the very same platform.

Lotto247 US Powerball Ticket

Great bonuses and service

In case you’re new to playing lotteries, Lotto247 has a convenient ‘How to play’ page to help you get started. The guide offers a simple step by step instructional guide, with images, to ensure you understand what playing lotteries entail.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the available games, you can sign up and take advantage of the welcome offer for new Indian players. You will receive one free entry on the US Powerball lottery after you register.

Lotto247 strives to offer every Indian player a hassle-free experience that doesn’t disrupt their day to day lives. There’s an FAQ section to assist with a few of the queries you may want to resolve quickly. If you require assistance, the site’s customer support is available 24/7. Get in touch through live chat, telephone, or by using the support email. As a bonus, the platform is mobile optimised, which means players can check on their favourite lottery from wherever they may be.


Another great online lottery site is PlayHugeLottos, which has been operational since 1998. Operated by PlayUKInternet NV, this platform keeps its operations above board by adhering to the parameters set out by the Curacao gaming license they hold. With over 20 years in the industry, Indian players on the platform can rest easy knowing they’re on a legitimate lottery site.

14 international lotteries

The platform is easy to navigate, with clearly labelled menus and an uncluttered layout. With 14 international lotteries available for Indian players, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for you. Some of these include the UK Lottery, the US Powerball, and the Mega Sena. Whenever you need a break from buying tickets as you await the results, you can indulge in some of the other games available on the platform. These include scratchcards, Keno, and instant win varieties like Roulette and Bingo.

playhugelottos powerball ticket

Receive a free entry to the US Powerball lottery

PlayHugeLottos takes all their players seriously, whether they’re new to the platform, or have been loyal members. As such, all new Indian players on the site receive a welcome voucher. Sign up for an account and make your first purchase to receive a free entry to the US Powerball lottery. Within 48 hours of purchasing your first entries, the free voucher will show in up your account. Select your lucky numbers or have the Quick Pick system generate them for you. Proceed to checkout and await the draw. 

Existing players haven’t been left behind as they get included in the site’s LottoPoints Reward Scheme. To earn points, you only need to purchase non-discounted tickets. The points earned determine which of the five levels you will rank. You start at the Basic level, then move up to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally the Diamond level. However, once you reach the Silver level, with 750 points and above, you can proceed to redeem your points for free tickets.

How to buy tickets

Players at PlayHugeLotto have a variety of game options to help them make a purchase that’s tailor-made for them. These include the option to purchase more tickets for a single draw, play with up to 50 randomly chosen numbers with a single click, or even playing with all possible variations of your chosen lucky numbers. You can also pre-purchase tickets for a selected period, or get automatically entered into draws that suit the criteria you specify on the platform. Feel free to contact support if you have any questions regarding your time on the site. They’re available through multiple channels including social media, phone, the site’s contact form, live chat, and email.


LottosOnline is a pure online lottery site available for Indian players. The site offers 19 international lotteries, including Mega Millions, US Powerball and EuroMillions.

LottosOnline does not offer any welcome bonuses but instead offer the lowest ticket prices.

Government Lottery In India

There is no blanket ban on lottery in India. Instead it’s up to each state to decide whether or not is should be legal. Today there are currently 13 Indian states that consider the lottery to be legal. These are Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram

The Indian States that have chosen to legalise lotteries aim to create awareness to the good that proceeds from the games can do. For instance, there are those States that use the funds generated to help improve their state’s infrastructure and social amenities. Therefore, you may not win a particular lottery draw, but you will know that your participation contributes toward a better society, with the government’s help.

Below, you’ll find a few state lotteries providing lottery draws for its residents.

Playwin Lottery


Playwin was the very first online lottery platform to be launched in India in 2001. Managed by the Pan India Network Ltd, this platform falls under the jurisdiction of the Sikkim Government. To purchase tickets, you must be a minimum age of 18 years and reside in one of the Indian states that support online lotteries. These are Sikkim, Goa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, or Arunachal Pradesh. 

Every day of the week has a draw that Indian players can participate, based on changes that were announced to take effect as of April 2019, such as the removal of the Thursday Super Lotto. Note that you need to first purchase a Playwin card from a retailer or the Playwin website to pay for online lottery tickets.

  • Jaldi 5 now has a draw that happens every day from 10-10:30 pm. Previously, Jaldi 5 only happened on Fridays. Players are expected to select five numbers ranging from 1-36. Should the numbers you selected be the ones drawn, you will receive the jackpot prize. However, if you don’t, and no other players win the jackpot, the amount will roll over to the next draw. There are also cash prizes awarded for matching 2, 3, or 4 of the drawn numbers.
  • Jaldi 5 Double is similar to Jaldi 5 in terms of how you play the game, but with the draws now happening on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Previously, Jaldi 5 Double draws occurred only on Wednesdays. If your ticket has five similar numbers to those in the draw, the jackpot is yours. If not, cash prizes get awarded for those with 2-4 matching numbers.
  • Thunderball happens on Tuesdays. Pick five numbers ranging from 1-42, as well as an additional digit between 1-15, the Thunderball. Managing to match all five of the drawn numbers, plus the Thunderball will earn you the jackpot. Apart from that, there are seven other prizes to be won for matches between 1-5 numbers plus the Thunderball.
  • Saturday Super Lotto is the final game on this site and happens every Saturday. Select 6 digits, ranging from 1-49. The jackpot goes to players with six similar numbers to the draw, while cash prizes get awarded for 3-5 number matches.

Punjab Lottery

The Punjab Lottery has been operational since 1968, under a section of the Finance Department of the Punjab Government. This organisation differs from others by initially offering weekly and monthly draws. However, players now only have access to six Punjab Bumper Lotteries which are seasonal draws. The number of tickets created is decided on by the Punjab Government with the numbers printed on them ranging from 000000 to 999999.

  • Holi Bumper draws occur in March, at the end of the Holi festival, with tickets costing ₹500 each. Winners within the first three ranks must have six matching digits to the ones drawn. The fourth rank considers the last five numbers, while the fifth and sixth ranks consider the final four numbers on the ticket.
  • Baisakhi Bumper occurs a few days before or after the Vaisakhi religious festival. Tickets cost ₹200, each.
  • Sawan Bumper is the newest addition to the list of Punjab Lotteries as a dedication to Lord Shiva. The first draw is expected to occur in 2019 between mid-July and mid-August. Tickets cost ₹200.
  • Rakhi Bumper celebrates the Hindu festival Rakshabandhan, with the draw occurring towards the end of August. Tickets go for ₹200.
  • Diwali Bumper is in celebration of Lord Rama’s homecoming. Draws happen in November and tickets are purchased at ₹200.
  • New Year Lohri Bumper’s draw happens in January, commemorating the end of the winter solstice. Ticket purchasing usually happens during November and December of the preceding year at ₹200 per ticket.

Kerala Lotteries

The Kerala Lotteries fall under the Lottery Department of the Government of Kerala. It was established in 1967 after private lotteries were outlawed, and led to the creation of other state-run lotteries in India. Draws for this lottery are held every day at 3:00 pm with ticket prices ranging between ₹30 and ₹50.

  • Win-Win happens every Monday with prizes worth 65 Lakhs.
  • Sthree Sakthi has draws every Tuesday, awarding 8 top prizes. In addition to those, consolation prizes also exist.
  • Akshaya announces its draws every Wednesday with three lucky winners earning prizes of up to 60 Lakhs.
  • Karunya Plus holds draws on Thursday for the top prize of 80 Lakhs. Consolation prizes are also high-value- with this lottery.
  • Nirmal Weekly draws occur on Fridays to award seven winners. Tickets cost ₹30 with the top prize being 60 Lakhs.
  • Karunya draws are similar to those held for Karunya Plus. Tickets also cost ₹50, awarding seven winners in total. The top prize is also 80 Lakhs.
  • Pournami draws occur on Sunday to award a top prize worth 70 Lakhs. Seven more winners get awarded during the draw.

In addition to the weekly draws, there are also 6 Bumper Lotteries held throughout the year. Tickets for these range from ₹100-₹200. Players have a total of 30 days to collect their prizes after the draw is announced.

  • Christmas New Year Bumper draws occur in January. Tickets go for ₹200. All profits from this draw go towards improving the Kerala State public health sector.
  • Summer Bumper happens in March. Players can also look forward to consolation prizes after the draw.
  • Vishu Bumper draws are held on the third week of May. Tickets cost ₹200.
  • Monsoon Bumpers results occur in July. Tickets cost ₹150 and come in five series’.
  • Pooja Bumpers happen in the month of November. Tickets come in five series’ at ₹150 each.

Sikkim Lotteries

Apart from running the Playwin Lottery, the Sikkim Government is also in charge of the Sikkim Lotteries. Under the Sikkim State Lottery are numerous draws. These include three Puja Bumper schemes, the Jackpot Special and Bigwin Jackpot and schemes, and the Derby Weekly scheme. The government creates schedules for the Bumper lotteries to supplement the weekly draws. Players of these lotteries need to be aware that the lottery schemes tend to change on short notice, as the Sikkim Government sees fit. There were four Sikkim Bumper draws in 2019.

  • Sankranti Bumper held draws in January. The tickets cost ₹500, and the ticket values ranged from 00000 to 99999.
  • Saraswati Bumper had lottery draws in February. The tickets were in two series’, labelled A and B in addition to 5 other digits.
  • Shri Holi Bumper, drawn in March, had ticket values between 40000 and 99999 as well as the letters A, B, C, D, or E. Tickets were ₹100.
  • Baisakhi Bumper was in April with tickets sold at ₹200.

Goa Lotteries

The Directorate of State Lotteries in Goa, formed in 1995, is a state institution in India that was created to manage the operations of the Goa Lotteries. A portion of the profits gets directed towards welfare schemes for the underprivileged, maintenance of asylums and nursing homes in South and North Goa. The lottery offers three daily draws for players. These happen at 11:55 am, 4:00 pm, and 8:00 pm.

Goa Lotteries tickets are more popular than other state lotteries due to the low cost of purchasing tickets, in comparison to the big prize pools. Ticket prices start from ₹6 and players can also purchase them from a minimum of five series up to 100 series. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of landing a prize.

International Lottery Games Available In India

There are plenty of international lotteries online that legally allow players from India to participate. As a result, you can participate in draws from some of the biggest lotteries in the world, including Mega Millions, US Powerball and EuroMillion.

Mega Millions 

Mega Millions is one of the largest lotteries in the US, accepting participants from India. Draws occur every Tuesday and Friday night. To earn the jackpot, you need to match five numbers ranging between 1-70, plus the Mega Ball with numbers between 1-25. There’s also a Megaplier option, with numbers between 2-5, that players can add to their game at an extra cost. The minimum jackpot prize is about ₹2.5 billion.

Mega Millions


Powerball is another lottery originating from the US. Players from India stand to win a minimum of ₹2.6 billion with the jackpot prize. Match 5 numbers between 1-69, plus the Powerball number between 1 and 25 to collect the jackpot. You can also add the Power Play option at an extra charge to multiply the value of non-jackpot winnings. Draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday.



Euromillions, Europe’s first lottery, was launched in 2004 and played initially in the UK, France and Spain. Its appeal has since spread to include more European countries, with draws on Tuesday and Friday night. The jackpot starts at a minimum of ₹1.3 billion and can rise to ₹14.5 billion. Match 5 numbers between 1-50, plus 2 Lucky Star numbers between 1-12 for the jackpot. There are also super draws held every so often with even higher value prizes.


UK Lotto

Launched in 1994, this is one of the UK’s top lottery. Draws are on Wednesdays and Fridays with Wednesday’s prize starting at a minimum of ₹182 million, and the Saturday jackpot awarding no less than ₹346 million. To win, match six numbers between 1-59. You’ll also get to pick a Bonus Ball from the remaining 53 numbers. If there are no jackpot winners, the prize rolls over a maximum of five times. Should there still be no winners at that point, the jackpot gets divided among players of matches 3, 4, and 5, as well as match 5, plus Bonus players.


Indian Lottery Law

It is completely legal for India residents to participate in international lottery draws. India’s laws on the banning of lotteries do not affect participation in international lotteries as the draws occur outside the country’s boundaries.

Historically lotteries were one of the first few gambling activities that Indian gamblers could indulge in from as early as the 1960s, alongside Indian sports betting like horse races and cockfights. Lotteries (which was illegal) was done as a socially private affair in Calcutta, with only selected sections of the society being allowed to participate.

The law changed when the governor of Madras started the very first government-supported lottery in India, aimed at generating funds for social development. Profits from the venture led to the funding of recognised projects such as the construction of the Victoria Memorial Hall and the Rippon Building, among others. Such success stories led to the decision that individual states can choose whether or not to consider lotteries as legal.

Today there are currently 13 states that allow the playing of lotteries. However, in order to participate in these lotteries you must be a resident for those states. For example, if you wish to play at Punjab Lottery you must be a resident in Punjab.

Tips On Choosing The Best Indian Lottery Site

Choosing a site to purchase your lottery tickets at isn’t just about the jackpot prize you’re looking to win. Ensure it’s one of the lotteries considered legal by the Indian government. The company should also be transparent, allowing players to see past results as well as the upcoming games and draws. They should also offer payment methods that Indian players can use with ease to purchase tickets and collect their winnings.

That’s why before recommending a platform like Lotto247 or PlayHugeLottos, we ensure we check that the platform is licensed and legal, offers well-known games and easy ticket purchasing modes, in addition to processing players’ payouts with no delays.

Free Online Lottery In India

There are online lottery sites that offer lottery tickets at no cost. These, however, tend to be international lotteries. You’re probably wondering how it works. Well, the advertisers on the platform pay for the prizes awarded, hence the free tickets. Indian lottery players can search for recognised free online lotteries to try their luck at without paying anything.

Indian Jackpot Lottery

All lotteries offered in India promise incredible jackpot prizes for one of their lucky players. Some have a single jackpot winner, while others extend their rewards to other prize tiers in addition to the jackpot winner. If you’re the jackpot winner, collect your prize by visiting the agent or retailer where you made your purchase and fill out a claim form.


Lotteries make big payouts to their winners. As such, players must be wary of their security whenever they go to claim their rewards. Do not offer up information on your winnings as you will be putting yourself at risk. Lottery sites have bank-grade security measures, keeping your winnings safe as you make plans on how to proceed.

Mobile Lottery

With online lotteries, players can easily purchase their tickets through their internet-enabled devices. These include smartphones and tablets. Depending on your preferred site, you may need to download an app, or you can access the site from your mobile device’s browser.

Questions And Answers 

Is online lottery legal in India?

Yes, online lottery is legal in India.

In which Indian states are lottery legal?

There are currently 13 Indian states that consider the lottery to be legal. These are Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Goa, Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, and Manipur.

Which is the biggest lottery in India?

Playwin Lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in India.

How can I buy Indian lottery tickets online?

Head over to your chosen lottery’s retail agents and purchase a preloaded card. The card will then enable you to pay for tickets on the lottery’s online platform.

How can I play online lottery in India?

There are many international online lotteries available to Indians. Visit the lottery website and open your account. Select the games you would like to take part in, and purchase your tickets. Wait for the lottery draw to see whether you’ve won a prize.

Do I have to pay income tax on Lottery winnings in India?

Yes, you do. According to India’s laws, all winnings above ₹10,000 are subject to an Income Tax deduction. The income tax is deducted at a flat rate of 30%.

The issuing organisation must first make the deduction before awarding the winner with the remainder of their prize money. As proof of the tax cut, the lottery organisation must also give the winner a Tax Deduction at Source Certificate.

For amounts lower than ₹10,000, no tax amount is payable by the prize distributor. However, when the winner files their Income Tax returns for that particular year, they must indicate the amount they won.

Where can I find information about lottery winners in India?

Each lottery advertises the winners of their draws, and their locations, on their websites. To view winners from India, open the website of your preferred lottery and check the list for winners from India.

How can I buy Kerala Lottery tickets online in India?

To buy Kerala Lottery tickets online, start by visiting one of the many retailers or registered lottery agents to purchase a preloaded card. Then proceed to visit the Kerala Lottery site and order your tickets.

Who is the biggest lottery winner of all time in India?

The record for the highest lottery winner from India is held by Prabh Kaur, from Madhya Pradesh. He won an astounding 23.5 Crores in February of 2015 by playing the Indi Millions Lottery.

How can I guess the Indian lottery number?

Lotteries are games of chance. As such, the selection of winning numbers can only be decided based on what you prefer when you purchase your ticket.

Alternatively, you could have a look at the most frequently chosen numbers during your preferred lottery’s draws. Some sites offer information on the ‘hot’ regularly appearing in winning combinations or ‘cold’ appearing less often. But remember, these statistics do not guarantee wins. 

How do I win on a lottery in India?

Select which lottery you would like to play and purchase your tickets. If you reside in an Indian state that allows online ticket sales, you can buy your ticket from the lottery’s website. Select your lucky numbers and await the draw to find out if you won.


It’s no secret that playing lotteries could lead to a complete shift in a lucky winner’s course of life. However, as with all games of chance, you must indulge from an informed standpoint. For starters, residing in a state that accepts the playing of lotteries in India is a plus as you won’t have to worry about the legality of your participation or the winnings you earn. Go ahead and purchase a ticket, or two, from one of our recommended lottery sites to see if you’ll be one of the lucky lottery winners.