One Day Teen Patti from Ezugi is here

One Day Teen Patti from Ezugi

Out of the stables of Ezugi, One Day Teen Patti is finally here. The Romanian-based software provider has blessed casino operators worldwide with this live innovation. 

This new live dealer Teen Patti was released in mid-year 2021. It comes as the third version of Teen Patti cash created by Ezugi after they have previously recorded success with Teen Patti Live and Bet on Teen Patti.

One Day Teen Patti has changed the narrative. You can lay and back exchange bets. With six rounds of betting, you can draw three cards as the odds change. These dynamic odds are determined by your favourite hand and the winning cards left.

In all, you’re either backing (in support) or laying (opposing) bets on one of two players. After the dealer draws all six cards, your payout is a result of all your wagers on the winner.

The best tip when you play One Day Teen Patti is to wager as the cards are drawn. That way, the two hands are in clear view of how they compare to each other. However, the earlier bets possess larger odds. Therefore there’s a chance for a bigger payout.

The RTP of One Day Teen Patti is 98.36%

The payout rates are dynamic as it changes with every new card dealt, therefore we place the RTP at 98.36%.

One Day Teen Patti has a few benefits when you talk about betting options. The presence of four betting options where the odds reset to match the chances of some of the outcomes. There are five different stages in which to place bets while cards are revealed. There’s also an AI betting feature that can be customized and a roadmap detail of your betting statistics for up to 100 rounds.

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